Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drugs Are Bad....Mmmmkay

There are so many drug commercials on TV now. Each commercial explains what the medication does, lists all of the oh so wonderful possible side effects, and then tells you to talk to your doctor about whether or not it would work for your problem. Why do I have to bring this to the doctor's attention? Shouldn't he/she be bringing it to MY attention. Isn't that why he/she went to medical school and I didn't?

There are a couple of commercials that stick out in my mind. There's the birth control one where the women are dressed as flowers jumping into a pool in the boring routine of "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc......" and they explain why a 4 time a year method would be better than taking a pill every day. Personally, I find the take a pill every day method to be pretty damn good. That method ranks #1 in my book, and only ranks #2 to sterilization.  That is, unless you are taking that one pill that discusses how it works awesome for PMDD. Except, that there were SO many side effects and problems with it, that it got pulled from the market, and was re-issued under a new name.  Let me tell you something, as someone who suffers from PMDD......that pill does shit for it. At least it did for me. Nothing replaces good old Xanax in combination with some other fun meds to calm your hormones down a bit. That and some wine, and some ear plugs so you can't hear your kids and spouse and you are good as gold.

Let's not forget the ever popular male drugs for erectile dysfunction.  You can find these commercials running repeatedly on ESPN, Comcast Sports Net and during most major sporting events on television, especially during the Super Bowl.  I love how they show a couple, a middle aged to early senior couple spending quality time together and then the mood strikes. Please. The guys taking these pills either don't need them and just think it's going to enhance what they have, (It won't.) OR, they have some young, new girl they think they need to impress. If you have the young girl, she's not with you cause she's so in love with you. You probably have money and that's what she is after. You climbing on top of her is at the bottom of her list. So lay off the drugs and take out the credit card.  This is not to say that there aren't men who truly need this drug and that for those who do it has seriously improved their quality of life. I believe that for those men, this was probably a miracle drug. It's just sad that so many other men think it's going to solve everything.

I am now on a medication that has a legitimate side effect of causing irritability. HAHAHAHAHA! I literally burst into laughter when my doctor told me of this. I told him I am irritable on a good day. What was this medication going to do to make it worse? I told him Steve and the boys may run away from home. He laughed for a minute, but then told me with a straight face that it is a true side effect and some people are very effected by it and I should pay attention. I think while I was adjusting to it there were some major episodes in my house, but, I feel things are better now. But, you may want to ask Steve and the boys for their opinions.......

There are way too many drugs on the market for me to continue picking on each of them. Just realize that when they tell you the side effects, pay close attention to your body. No one is going to look out for you except for you. So, for example, if someone tells you they have something for you that will fix your pain or aches or what not, make sure it isn't a super heavy dose pain patch that is meant for severely ill cancer patients and is going to leave you vomiting on the floor......I'm just sayin.......