Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Prom, A Hotel Room and Donuts

Last week I caught part of an episode of Growing Up Fisher.  I've seen it before and it's actually a very funny show.  This one particular episode hit close to home and made me laugh. I don't even know the characters names but the story line cracked me up.  The daughter, was attending prom, and there was a hotel room involved after the dance, that her dad was not told about.  Being that my 20 year high school reunion is this upcoming weekend, this hit very close to home.

My senior prom was held on a Friday night at The Knickerbocker Hotel.  I spent the day getting all furputzed.  My date and I were doubling with another couple.  We had arranged pictures at one of their homes and the limo was picking us up there. I made sure I had my overnight bag with me. We took a million pics. The weather was great and off we went.  Back then, limo rides were only for prom, not like today where kids take them to every school function.  We went to the dance where all the girls wore black dresses. Not full length dresses, but not vagina bearing dresses either.  They were above the knee, but covered our hoo-hoo's.  We saved showing off our cookies for more private moments.  We all wore pantyhose, too. (As I am typing this, I am realizing how dated this sounds.)  And, we brought our cameras to the dance to take pics of our friends, not selfies.

After the dance, my date and our friends got back into our limo and headed over to the very fancy Holiday Inn City Center. ( I don't know if it is still there or if it has another name.) I went up to the desk to check us in.  My mother had booked the room for us. She was cool with us getting a room. Perhaps not thrilled, but she did it.  I broke her in for my siblings....they have gotten away with WAY, WAY worse things.  Anyway, I was 18 already,so this should not have been an issue at that time.  But, even though we thought we were good to go, we weren't.  The desk clerk insisted that a parent signed for the room.  Um....that's a problem.  Now mind you, we had no cell phones to make a quick call or send a text regarding the situation.  So, I asked the clerk to let me use the phone to call my mom.  I called and told her the situation. She asked to speak with the clerk.  She kindly asked the clerk to let us up to the room and told him that she was on her way downtown to sign for the room.  And, the clerk said ok.  As if that would happen now.

Up to the room we went.  Now mind you, here we are, 4 teenage kids, in a hotel room, waiting for my mom to arrive.  I knew she wasn't going to just sign for the room and leave. She'd want to say hello.  My friends didn't seem to care.  They immediately locked themselves in the bathroom so they could hit it. And, they weren't real quiet about it. 15 minutes later, my mom called from the lobby.  15 minutes!!!!!!!!! How on Earth she AND MY FATHER made it downtown in 15 minutes never made sense to me.  AND, they stopped at Dunkin Donuts to bring us treats!  Here's the blip in this whole thing: my father had not been informed that I was spending the night out, in a hotel room, with a guy and another couple.  But, when my mom received a call close to midnight and was going to have to leave and head downtown, she kind of had to tell him. The thing is, it was HER idea to not inform him of my post prom plans, not mine. So, not my fault.  I was BANGING on the bathroom door, BEGGING my friends to finish up and get out as my parents were on their way up. And, granted I was being a very good girl, lol, my dad still would've kicked the guys ass for being in the bathroom with his girlfriend.  I had a feeling he was not going to be in a good mood.  They never did come out of the bathroom, even when my parents showed up, donuts and all.  My parents did ask where they were. My date and I just said they were in the bathroom...changing clothes.  Mhmmmm. So, as I stood there in my pj's (and they weren't flannel pj bottoms and a t-shirt or tank top like I wear now) my parents left.  And, THEN my friends came out of the bathroom to help themselves to donuts.  Assholes.

My dad and I never discussed this after the fact.  I am curious as to the conversation my parents may have had on the way down to the hotel.  Then again, they were traveling at the speed of light, so they might not have been able to.  Maybe after they saw me and my date just hanging out in the room, being super angels, he was more calm? I don't know.  We never, ever discussed this.  And, I bet if my dad reads this, he probably won't even remember it happened.  

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  1. My mom reserved a hotel room for my prom date and me! I can't even imagine doing that now. Third. Child.