Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dude, did you get it in?

That was a question I heard while at work yesterday. It wasn't said in reference to a key or piece of staging equipment that was being built. Strictly about sex. I am the only female in this office. The guys feel free to speak as they would if I weren't here. (Although, they try to pretend they are on good behavior while I am here.) I am far from a prude. I don't care if they speak this way or swear. G- d knows I talk like a truck driver most of the time. (no offense to any truck drivers out there) I just found it super amusing to hear this question. Like, isn't there another way to ask if you got laid? Then again, I am the oldest one here by a 5 year minimum...10 years in most cases.  Maybe I am not as cool as I'd like to think I am. (and I don't even think I am that cool to begin with...I never was) So, while the guy being asked this question wouldn't answer within my ear shot, because, as he put it, he's a gentleman and doesn't kiss and tell (i'm not sure a whole lot of kissing was going on), we all knew he did "get it in". (and props to him, I saw a pic)

Later on, the discussion turned to prison. It doesn't really matter how or why, it just did. I had many questions to ask of my co-workers, who I also consider friends. Like, why would one need money in prison? Apparently, the food in prison is not so great, so they need money to buy chips or candy or pop. (Really??) Prisoners can also purchase TV's to watch in their cells, but can you believe, they jack up the prices?? The soap prisoners get issued isn't Dove quality and isn't very good for the skin.  So, if their families send money to them, they can purchase better quality soap. My hard earned tax dollars feed these inmates 3 meals a day, and it isn't good enough. So, I shared my opinion with everyone. Apparently, I was amusing. I was called a "tough lady" and was told I'd make a great prison guard. To me, this sounds a lot like being called a bitch, but without having to say it--just like when Steve told me I'd make a great Secondary Inspector with CBP, part of Homeland Security. (Steve works for CBP) I don't understand why voicing my opinion, and saying no, when no needs to be said is so wrong. I don't see why questioning someone until the truth comes out is considered mean or tough.  Being Miss Suzy Sunshine isn't always the answer. Being Mr. Nice Guy doesn't always get you ahead. As they say, nice guys finish last. Sometimes, you need to grow a pair and say something.  I would've loved to had a job with the FBI. I would be great at it. Yes, I can beat people down with my questioning until they crack. I can voice my opinion and tell you why you are wrong. When I am right, I am right. Deal with it.

So, maybe I would be a good prison guard. Maybe I would be a good Secondary Inspector. Rather than take these things as insults, I am going to take them as compliments. It shows that I can stand up for what I believe in. It demonstrates that I have courage to not back down when I know that what I believe is right. I know my kids think I am mean. It's just too bad. I am not here to be their friend. I am here to be their Mother. I am here to raise them and to teach them right from wrong; good from bad. One day, I hope they will understand why I was this way. I am confident that they will. My wish is that they will appreciate it and realize that I did it for their own good; that I was hard on them so that they would grow up to be strong men who could do anything they set their minds to. And, that they understand the value of a good woman and will treat their wives with respect and love and appreciate her for all that she is. I try explaining this to my co-workers too. Don't de-value the women in your lives. Don't take them for granted. It's important to let the good ones know how good they are. And, for the ones who aren't so good, let them go. Cut your losses and move on.

WOW---Did I go off on a tangent or what today??? I think I forewarned of that early on in my blogging. Sometimes, I do that. Today is one of those days. I'm in a mood. (and for all you men, no it isn't PMS, or hormonal or emotional.....I'm just in a mood.)


  1. 1st of all ... where is Issac to say "that's what she said" to the title!?

    second: "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." It's great you stand for something. Just cause some people don't agree doesn't mean you are wrong.

    And my nephers will, one day, appreciate their mother.

  2. Kerry, I could not have said it better myself (the part about being a mother). Great Blog, as usual. I look forward to more!!