Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Mom. Can I Talk To You About Something?"

Yesterday, I sat here in tears, feeling super sad about the 20 children that were killed. I felt scared and paranoid about my children being at school. I survived the school day as did my children and children everywhere, thank goodness. As soon as 330pm hit, I received a text from my oldest son, Andrew. This was the exact text that came thru: "Hey Mom. Can I talk to you about something??" My response: "Yes. Always." I got myself all ready for a very serious conversation. In my mind, he was feeling anxious or nervous about being at school. I thought that, perhaps, there had been a lot of security at school and that made him feel paranoid about things happening. I thought his friends and him talked all day about the killer and the victims and could it happen to them. A million thoughts ran through my head in 30 seconds. And, I was already trying to think of the best way to talk to my son in his time of need. The next text that came thru totally caught me off guard, at this point in time: "It's about when I turn 16."

My son JUST turned 14 years old, exactly one month ago today. 14. Not 15, when he'd be getting ready to get a drivers permit. 14. He came in the house all smiley and giddy. I asked how his day was. I asked if there were police at school or an extra security presence. (I was slightly disappointed by the answer I received, but that's not the point, right now.) After he answered my questions, he posed his to me. "Where is that cool purple Corvette Daddy used to drive?" Um......I thought, have you seen it in our garage in the last 8 1/2 years??????????? We continued on with the conversation and I explained that it wasn't really his dads car. It was his uncles car and he was nice enough to let his dad drive the car. But, after his dad died, his dads brother took the car back. Andrew seemed slightly disappointed by my answer. I then told him that if I still had the car, I totally would've let him drive it when he turned 16. Then his face lit up. He seemed so happy by the answer of a situation that isn't going to exist. I found this to be rather humorous for some reason.

In a way, I almost felt relieved that this is what was on my sons mind all day long.  Whereas I spent my day full of fear, sadness and paranoia, my son was completely concerned with whether or not he was going to be zipping around in a car we haven't seen in a long time.  I suppose I should feel relief that his day wasn't consumed with horrible images and thoughts like mine were. Part of me wanted to hug and kiss him like I did when he was 3 years old because I was so happy he made it home in one piece. And then, part of me wanted to tap him in the head and tell him to snap out of it for his unrealistic thoughts of driving around in a car that isn't ours and that he wouldn't even be able to drive for a while.  Sigh.....and the constant battle of thoughts in my head continues.....

My heart still hurts for Newtown. Two more funerals today. I am truly amazed at the memorials that are set up in that town for all of the victims. No one will ever be the same there......they just won't. My thoughts and prayers are with them all. May everyone find a way to move forward and to get thru each day. xoxo

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Parents Worst Fear

I sit here today, with the news on in the background. I so badly want to turn off my TV and yet, I just cannot.  I just can't. I can't stop crying either. I had a killer migraine last night and fell asleep around 8pm. It's still here, but starting to dull now. So maybe, I shouldn't be on my computer or sitting with the TV and lights on. But, I am. I haven't had a migraine in a long time--I've been able to control them pretty well. And, I couldn't understand why I developed one. I woke up so early this morning too since my head was just pounding. Was it due to no caffeine yesterday? Could be. Was it due to our family holiday celebration, hearing all the kids playing and laughing and screaming? Could be. Or, maybe it's because I've been crying on and off since Friday.

I don't use this blog to be political or to really share my personal thoughts on society and the world.  It's just not who I am.  That's not my intention today either. I am writing today's entry as a mom, as always. I'm just a mom, like millions of others, who are probably shaking in their boots over their kids being at school today, even though today is probably the safest day ever for kids to be at school.  When my boys left today, I was shaking. They don't know that, but I was, especially when my youngest boys left.          
The thoughts that ran thru my head: how would I get to school if something happened? I can't drive there. I know how long it takes me to walk there. (well, in that general area. For a brief time, I was walking for exercise. That's a whole other blog, and a more comical one) And, I am not a runner. But, maybe in that instance, I'd be able to?? I'd have to. I'd have to run to my boys. My big boys: it's a very quick walk to their school. I'd be able to get to them in just a few brief moments. And, what if there were multiple people, like a plot and they were at all the district schools? How would I get to all of them? I cannot cut myself in half. These are the thoughts running thru my head right now as the tears are falling from my eyes.  But, I still cannot turn off my TV.

School is supposed to be the safest place for me to send my children. And in the town that this happened in, a place that appeared to be safe and sound, that place is like where we live; a place I moved to because of the community and the amazing schools. The parents of those children moved to that town for the same reason. Isn't is a reasonable expectation for us, as parents, to send our kids to school in the morning and to see them later in the day? Knowing that this happened in that place now means it can happen ANYWHERE...nowhere is safe anymore...nowhere. I don't tell my children that. I tell them they are safe and that their schools have things in place to prevent things like this from happening. But, my kids are smart. They aren't unrealistic.

There are teachers and the administrators in that school that gave their lives for those children. I don't even have words as to how remarkable that is....their families are going on without them now. Their protective instincts took over and they saved so many children. I hope there is a special place for them in the after life as they truly, truly are just amazing. I don't know what else to say about them.

As for the families of the children that are gone, I just....I don't even know. Losing a child is absolutely the worst thing in the world that can happen. And, to lose one so tragically, I don't have words. I don't have words, I don't know what to say and my heart literally hurts. And, these are children I do not know. I have no connection to these families. And, my heart hurts so badly. Two of these children are being buried today. This will be racing thru my mind all day long. These poor, little, adorable boys....they did nothing wrong...all they did was go to school on Friday. All their parents did was send them to school.  They had to wait in that firehouse on Friday to hear that their children weren't coming back to them. I watched on TV as the CT state governor gave an interview telling how he was the one to tell those parents and families that their loved ones weren't coming. He sat their with tears rolling down his face as he told this story. The idea of being in that firehouse makes me feel physically ill. My thoughts and prayers are with all of these families. My thoughts and prayers are also with the first responders who had to go into that school and who wanted to save all those children and adults. Those images are forever embedded in their heads and I cannot imagine.......

There are so many thoughts racing thru my pounding head right now.....tears are falling.....my heart hurts....my stomach hurts.......I will forever remember those 20 children and 6 adults.....may G-d bless their souls. May G-d bless their families.

And to everyone out there.....may all our children and loved ones come home every day. May we as a country find a way to heal. May we find a way to help those who need help. May we find a way to get thru each day. And it's not a cliche to say hug your loved ones a little bit longer. I know I will be each and every day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am Me

Today is 12.12.12.....the last time in my lifetime that I will see a date like that. I have to admit...it's pretty cool.  Cooler? Kids turning 12 years old today. Or...people being married 12 years today.  It also dawned on me that this coming Friday, the 14th, I would've been married for 15 years to my late husband. He's been gone over 8 years now. I am happily married to my new husband Steve (who at this point isn't so new LOL) for 4 1/2 years. Where does my head wander at this point, because I am me? I probably should've had some kind of anniversary band on my left finger at this point.(given that combined, between 2 marriages, I've been married about 11 years) People who truly know me will find the humor in that. Those who don't, well, you will think whatever you want. And that is the point of today's blog entry: Think whatever you want about me. At the end of the day, what you think, it doesn't matter.  I am me; for better, for worse; in happy times, in sad; on good days or bad; when
I am up, when I am down; when I feel giving, when I don't; I AM ME; accept me or don't.

I was having a conversation with my therapist. (yes, I see a therapist, as do MANY other people; think what you want) I won't get into all the details as that is really between the two of us. But, the main thing that came from the conversation was that I AM ME. Period. No matter what anyone thinks I am me. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks about me. And trust me, there are varying degrees out there of what people think. I won't list all of the opinions, as they truly don't matter.  The only opinion that matters is mine. Therefore, I am going to write out some facts about me. Whether those of you reading this choose to agree or disagree, that is up to you.

-I am a survivor. I survived losing my husband, suddenly. I was 28 years old and had 3 young sons. I was VERY lucky to have an amazing support system; a lot of people do not have that. I was one of the lucky ones. Without that system, I don't know that I would've survived it.
-I am a good mother; maybe not every single day (definitely not every day LOL) but every day I get up with the intention to do the best I can with my children. Some days, I succeed. Other days, I fail. And on the days I fail, it tears me apart. It may not seem like it, but it does. I want to be a great mom every day. But those moms out there know that some days, it just cannot be done-whether it's due to the kids acting up or me having just a really rough personal day, it cannot be done every single day.
-I am a good cook. (My kids would disagree with that about half the time.) I like trying new recipes and I believe that trying counts for something. If others don't like what I cook, they can cook their own meals.
-I am a good hostess. I try to make my guests feel welcome and I try to make my home feel warm and welcoming. I try.... If people don't like it, they can host events at their own homes.
-I am not a great housekeeper. My house is clean but it has clutter and "stuff".  It frustrates me as I wish I was a better housekeeper. But, this inner battle I have within myself, it may never end; and that frustrates me even more. If people don't like it, don't come to my house.
-I am a great driver, that is, when I am allowed to drive.
-I am an Epileptic. There, I said it. Officially, by definition, I am. No doctor can tell me why. Not having a reason is what bugs me even more I think than having it.
-I am unable to drive AGAIN right now. I have just over 4 months to go until I can.
-I am a control freak. Not having control causes me to "lash out" sometimes. I cannot help it. People think that I can; I promise you, I've tried. It's ok that I am; that's who I am.
-I am a screamer. (get your minds out of the gutter LOL) Just ask my kids. I yell a lot. My mom yelled a lot when we were kids. I didn't understand it then. I most definitely understand it now. My siblings don't have any children yet. One day, they too will understand. I almost guarantee it. So will my children who claim that they won't yell at their children. I hope I'll be around to see those days when they "won't be yelling". But, the fact that I do yell is ok. It doesn't matter if other people understand it. I have 4 kids; 4 boys at that. It doesn't matter if others think I yell to much; they aren't in my shoes.
-I am moody. That's all I can say about that one.
-I don't smile often. It's nothing personal; I just don't.
-I see the glass as "half empty". I just do. My life experiences just seem to cause me to be that way. I envy the people who see it as "half full"--I really do. And, there's nothing wrong with me seeing it the way I do, no matter what other people seem to think.

These are just a few examples of who I am. Some make me the great person that I am; others make me, well, difficult to get along with sometimes LOL. But like I said earlier, all of these qualities make me who I am. It just doesn't matter what everyone thinks. I am Me.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm Back

I'm back. Have you missed me? As much as I love writing, I haven't missed being here. Why? Because I was busy with my life; my children, my husband, my job, my home, my friends, you get the point.

And then, on October 14th, while talking with Steve (who was wearing a t-shirt I really couldn't stand) I apparently had a seizure. I say apparently because I have NO recollection of it at all. But, the paramedics confirmed it.  Steve confirmed it. Andrew confirmed it. Yes, not only did my husband have to witness it, but my oldest son did as well.  From my understanding, he was a rock star. He called 911 and handled everything while Steve tried to keep me from hurting myself.  Steve followed the ambulance to the hospital. Andrew called all the necessary people, including my BFF who was in the Bahamas and couldn't really do anything from there, but he probably didn't remember that. After all, he's a teenager now and doesn't listen to me. I guess I was doing ok at the hospital and I was going to get to go home, until I had seizure number 2 and was then admitted.

I really do not remember much of my hospital stay. The neurologist says that is normal. It doesn't feel normal. I haven't felt normal in 16 days. I've had an outpouring of help from family and friends and it is very much appreciated by me and my husband and kids. But, again, I have a LONG 6 months ahead of me as driving is off limits, AGAIN. I cannot begin to explain to you what it is like to have your freedom ripped away from you. I cannot do anything on my own, for the most part. I have to ask to go places. I HATE ASKING FOR HELP. I am a control freak. And now, I have no control. It makes me feel like a child. I hate it. I am back to wearing a medical ID bracelet. (guess I never should've removed the one I had on) My medication has been doubled. It exhausts me to no end.  That part *should wear off.  I am SO fortunate that the kids and Steve are being super wonderful. (of course, I had threatened no Hanukkah or birthdays)

At least this time, my 6 month sentence, is not during baseball season. I should be freed from this right as the season starts. And, thank goodness for online shopping as the holiday season approaches. As much as I don't enjoy crowds and, well people in general, I do love seeing all the decorations in the stores. It's my favorite time of year. I know, I can go to the stores with Steve or friends, but I like doing it MY WAY, like Frank Sinatra.

So, my friends, expect more entries from me. I'm not sure how amusing they'll be as me staring at the dog is kind of boring. I'll try my best. XO

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The 4 Little Pigs and the Defeated Mother

Hi everyone! Long time, no writing! I cannot believe it has been about 3 months since I have written. Let's see....what has gone on in 3 months.

I became a merchandiser for a great new company called chloe + isabel. Check it out: www.kerrykleinbutman.chloeandisabel.com
I am still working for Boom Entertainment and loving it!!!! I love the guys I work with. It truly makes going to work a pleasure. Although, I am missing Digital Dave since he is not working out of the office anymore.

My  I  had his tonsils taken out over Spring Break.....that was a LONG week. But...during the week I began reading the Fifty Shades trilogy...I read all 3 books in 5 days. I hadn't read a book for pleasure in about 15 years...so, thank you Christian Grey (and E.L. James) for getting me back into a hobby that I used to absolutely LOVE and I have missed so much.

Baseball season is back in full swing in our house...all 4 boys are playing and the 2 big boys are also playing travel as well. I wish I could blame the state of my house on baseball. Unfortunately, I cannot. My children, as much as I love them and they are my entire world, are, for lack of a better word, pigs. Do not misunderstand. My house is clean. It's just a disaster--the boys leave things all over, not bothering to put things in their proper places or caring as to whether they will trip over anything. They take things out of the pantry, and do not put them back. They come home from a game, remove their belt and leave it in the kitchen. I wash and fold their clothes and they do not put them away. There are piles of clean clothes all over their rooms. I have basically given up on their bedrooms. It's a losing battle and I do not have the time nor the energy to fight anymore. I have simply given up. I keep the bedroom doors closed.

As far as the rest of the house is concerned, there is stuff everywhere too. I yell, I beg, I ask nicely, and no matter which way I do it---they all simply refuse to listen. I have stopped packing lunches and cooking dinners. (They are very lucky that my husband pities them.) At one point, I did not shop for the pantry for about a month because I was sick of them messing it up every single day. Last night, I did shop and came home to find a horrid mess. I cleaned it up while no one was home. The sad thing is: no one noticed it. They all just assume that a fairy sweeps thru the house when they aren't looking and cleans up and puts away all of their things.

I wish I had the time to run around the house and wait for them to drop things so I could pick up after them. (well, not really)I wish I could afford to hire someone to take care of the house. (When the boys were younger and before I remarried, I did have help. Life was different then. I am wondering if this spoiled the kids into thinking they didn't need to clean up after themselves.) I am a working mom of 4 boys. There is endless laundry, bills and mail to be sorted thru and paid, homework to supervise, carpooling to be done, and that other thing that is rare--sleep. I am not Super Woman. It's time to admit defeat. I cannot do it all. To be honest, I just don't even care anymore. And, that makes me sad. Society says I should care.

I am going to take the words of advice my brother Lance, who turns 34 years old today, gave me years ago: Fuck it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My FAVORITE Day of the Year!

That's right--it's here!!!!! My favorite day of the year!!!!!! It's not because of romance, flowers or chocolate--although, I certainly wouldn't turn any down. This day has been my favorite day for a VERY long time. I love that it means showing the people you love how much you love them. Yes, we should do this everyday, but I enjoy the sappy-ness of the hearts and glitter, buying little things for all my guys, cards specific to their likes and just seeing their faces as they get to open up little gifts.

My late husband was completely against this holiday. Like, totally against it. He didn't go with the "Hallmark Holiday" excuse. He basically just thought it was stupid and why spend double the money on flowers when on any other day of the year, he could send or buy me the identical ones.Our first Valentines Day he did buy me roses---I am SO NOT a fan of roses. They require no thought. We didn't go out to dinner. It turned into an ugly argument. Fast forward to having kids.Well, let's back up a second. I did get the ultimate gift from him on Valentine's Day 1998. I think this was meant to be-- as something he could "hold over me" , even from beyond the grave. Andrew was conceived that day. Today, is the 14 year anniversary of the greatest gift I ever got. :o)
 We did celebrate our first Valentines Day with Andrew at Wildfire for dinner. He was such a good boy. He slept almost the whole time and let us eat. It was nice. I decided, when Andrew was 14 months old and I got a flyer in the mail from the Picture People advertising their Valentines Day props, that I was taking him. I went and had the best pictures of him taken wearing his black overalls, white long sleeved shirt, standing as he was surrounded by over sized candy hearts with sayings on them. I mailed them out in Valentines Day cards to our family and friends. My husband didn't oppose any of this. He thought it was cute. After Issac was born, I dressed the boys in 100% LOVE t-shirts from the Gap and had pics taken again. Freakin' adorable!!!!!! For years I dressed them in Valentine's Day shirts and did pictures...and then, they got too old for this.  So now, every year, the boys get cards and candy and little gifts. We have heart shaped pizza and a special dessert. (This year I ordered a giant "love bug" cookie bouquet for my love bugs) They know that this day is a huge deal for me...but I am not sure they fully understand why.

To me, this day is not about me receiving gifts or cards. It's about me giving to everyone I love. When I was younger, I wanted it to be about me. And, after being disappointed year after year, I decided to change my attitude about it. And now, that I show everyone how  much I love them, it makes me feel really good and that is the best present I could ask for. (of course, I still want a gift and a card....I am human, LOL, but, really, I am just happy to be with my love bugs on this super special day)

Love, hugs and kisses to you all!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Day, The Arcade and Needing a Gallon of Bleach

Happy February everyone!!!! I love February! My most favorite day of the year, Valentine's Day, falls this month. My house is decorated. I have started purchasing gifts for the kids and Steve and Bailey is wearing her Valentine's Day collar.

We returned home from our long anticipated family vacation this past Saturday. We took a cruise with the kids and some of my family. We had a truly incredible week--one I will never forget. It was so great to be able to have such quality time together and to be able to relax and just be. None of us ever get to just be. We all needed it

What we did NOT need was a $340 bill from the arcade on the ship. That is correct. Your read that right. THREE HUNDRED FORTY DOLLARS. I am partially to blame for this mishap. After being woken by a false fire alarm at our hotel in Miami, boarding the ship, and unpacking all 6 of us, I was super tired and just wanted a 20 minute nap. The kids were super excited and refused to quiet down. So I told them (after a TON of their pestering) that they could go to the arcade for a little bit. Less than an hour later, I was awakened to see the watches my kids had "won" at the arcade. I figured these watches ran me about $100--about $97 more than they were worth, but I got to nap. The next night, as we sat waiting for Blue Man Group to start, Andrew asked if he could speak to me privately later on. I had an empty seat next to me and told him to sit down and we could talk. He confessed to the boys spending that much money and told me that they planned to pay me back for all the games. He thought I knew about the phone call Steve had received. I played along..I didn't yell...I just said ok and thank you for your honesty. Then I got pissed. What phone call??? Steve knew about this????So, I turned to ask him about this phone call. He said that morning, after I took the kids to the buffet, he got a call in the room from guest services. They had noticed the "unusual activity" on the boys room/charge cards and wanted him to be aware.  Uh, ok. Why was I not aware? His response: "I was waiting for a good time to tell you." which is code for, "when you see the bill and go bat shit crazy, you'll know what happened." Needless to say, I was not happy with anyone at that point, but decided to not let it ruin my trip--what was done was done and mark my words, these boys will pay back every dime.

A couple days later, we were making our first port stop. Zion was SO EXCITED to visit his first "island" as he had never been on one. My parents took him onto St. Maarten with them. Upon their return to the ship, I asked Zion how his day was. As he started to tell me about the cool new bracelet he got and how he had "the best day ever", my mother was also speaking and telling me how the poor kid threw up about 10 times, starting in the cab and proceeded to keep going. Uh.....WHAT?????? The cab ride was apparently an awful one and he appeared to get car sick from it. But, Zion is a real trooper when sick. He doesn't cry or complain or even make a peep. That's the only problem. He doesn't tell anyone he is about to vomit, so you need to watch him. My mom quickly learned that and had it all under control. Zion also picked out a bracelet for me that is filled with "gems" and he thought I would love it. It was exceptionally sweet and considerate of him and I greatly appreciate his thoughtfulness. 

We had breakfast with the Nickelodeon characters (including SpongeBob, Patrick, Dora and Diego) which of course was the highlight for so many of us. We even ate green slime syrup with our mini pancakes.Andrew was too cool to join us for this pre-paid breakfast so my mom joined us. I think she had the best time of any of us. SpongeBob and Patrick don't drive her crazy at all.

Since returning home and doing an endless amount of laundry (much thanks to Steve for heading up that department!) we have some really icky germs going on in our house. Stomach flu, ear infection, coughs, colds and my poor baby girl Bailey looks like many of the seniors on the ship, hobbling around with some sort of hip problem. Maybe I should go get her a scooter that makes noises when it drives so people know to stay out of her way when approaching a buffet. I'll be taking her to the vet this afternoon--if Steve doesn't need his car. Yes, we are down to one right now. My car needed work and after dealing with the PITA people at the dealership who promised us a loaner car, Steve did not get one this morning. He and Zion received a ride home in the courtesy vehicle and we'll get a call later with an update on my car. Kinda wish Zion had thrown up in it--that would teach them a lesson on lying to Kerry. In the meantime, the car may have to stay longer than anticipated since someone appears to have hit the back of my car and chrome is hanging from it----I missed seeing all of this last night when 2 of the boys and I got home from dinner with their grandma for her birthday. How I missed seeing it is beyond me, but maybe lack of sleep the last couple of nights has something to do with it?

All in all....life is, well, life. These bumps in our road are just bumps. We'll get over all of it. It always makes us laugh and that is the best medicine anyone could ask for.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tears of Joy and Sorrow

I'm sitting at my desk at work, obviously taking a break, but just for a few moments--I promise!!

I just read another Caring Bridge update about yet another child going thru a traumatic, life altering experience and I started to cry. It was a "good" update---if that is possible to say; that any of this could be good. I am truly amazed by the strength these babies and children have. They are ALL FIGHTERS!!!!!!!!!--every one of them that I know---they've been fighting since day 1 and continue to do so and even though I may not know them personally, I am so proud of them. That probably sounds a bit weird and almost stalker-ish. But in some way, shape or form, I know about these kids thru their parents, or thru our community, or on a very personal level.

I don't want to give out too much detail here as it is not my place to do so. I will just say this. This week, there have been some positive things happening and it makes me hopeful that maybe 2012 is going to turn things around. I've read updates on Facebook, Caring Bridge and even watched a couple videos--one of which brought both Steve and me to tears last night. Like I said, I cannot (and will not) give out details, so reading this is probably a little frustrating, but this video was just amazing to me. To be able to see parent and child the way they were was truly like nothing I've ever seen.

There has been some sadness this week as well, but I am going to choose to not write about it or dwell on it.  I am choosing to look at the positive in hopes it will bring more in the weeks and months ahead. EVERYDAY,
I think about these kids and their families, hoping my positive thoughts will do some good. I have no idea if they will, but I have to believe that they will.

So, today, to any of you who may be reading, please know my heart is with all of you. I think about you.
I hope for you. For those grownups who are having a rough time and struggling, I think about you as well and hope for your peace and happiness too.

With love,

Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm 13 and I Know It

LMFAO is ruining my life. I happen to enjoy some of their music....."Party Rock" and "I'm Sexy and I Know It" are fun. "Shots", not so much. "I Am Not a Whore"......I won't go there. But---these "musicians" (probably because one of them has a father in the music industry) are poisoning the minds of my children, but mostly, my oldest son's.

Since he turned 13 about 2 months ago.....this kid thinks he's a "shmexy beast" (whatever that is) and he knows everything and I, apparently, am a moron.  This all sounds par for the course, now that he is an official teenager, but, really, it's annoying.  I was 13 once too. I thought I knew it all and that my parents knew nothing. (little did I know...) But I NEVER walked around with this cocky, arrogant attitude making people try to believe that I was holier than thou.  I play it off that he is "self-confident" and has good "self-esteem". Right. If he keeps it up, in about 3 years, some girl is going to smack the shit out of him for acting like this. And, he'll deserve it.  Have I told him this? Nope. Remember, I am his MOTHER and I am a moron.

Is this how cocky guys start out??? Or---is it an influence of the stupid-ass songs on the radio?? I'm sexy and I know it...have you seen these two? I mean, I know that part of their "charm" is that they are making fun of themselves. But, something tells me they have girls fawning all over them. And, because of that, my son thinks that he too will have girls fawning all over him. Don't get me wrong---I mean, yes, I am completely biased as his mother---but the boy is so cute; has been since day 1. He has the same face as he did in his 3 month old picture. And, he is a NICE boy. (again...I admit to the bias) He's polite and kind and well mannered. (usually) I'll try not to hurt myself patting my own back. But, really, LMFAO is kind of ruining him, just a little bit. He'll treat a girl nicely, but he'll probably end up doing something stupid, as most guys do.  I know one day my baby will get his heart broken by some little biatch....as every guy does. And then, it'll be up to this moron to fix it.