Monday, December 9, 2013

An Update!

It's Monday morning!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually, not the reaction to a Monday morning....or is it? When you have children and school is in session.....hells to the yes it is! Especially---when Monday is your day off! Of course....being my day off...this means I always rise early on Mondays. It. Never. Fails. However, it's not as early as I now need to rise on Tuesdays and Thursdays as my son is now attending workouts with the baseball team. Woohoo.

I have not written in quite some time. Life has been crazy busy. Whose isn't? Loving my new is going well this year for the baby girl (my English Bullie) seems to have outgrown the puppy phase and mommy is super happy about that. So, I felt a little update/check in was due.

My oldest son, who now TOWERS over me...he's at 5'11" now...has informed me that he will be attending workouts with the baseball team at his high school. Great, I thought. He's motivated, he's participating..this is terrific. Until, he showed me the workout schedule, that is.  Two mornings a week, this practice starts, STARTS, at 610am. WTF is that??? This is the middle of the night.  It's pitch black outside. No one is on the street. Not a creature is stirring...not even a mouse. And, guess who gets to drive him to said practices? Mommy does. It's amazing how I am "mommy" when he needs something from me. I work late afternoons thru evenings. And, while I do not get home crazy late, I need to finish up things in the house when I get home, eat dinner (PBJ is the only thing I seem to eat at that time of the evening....thank you to Walgreens for running a super sale last week!!!!!!! 2/$4...and I was the nut who cleared the shelves!) and I need time to wind down. So getting up even earlier than I need to isn't exactly the first item on my list. But, it's for my of course I will do it...begrudgingly.  

After day 1 of the workout, I texted him from work to ask him how the workout went. His response was as follows: "Amazing. It was a great environment." Whose child is this?? Sure as shit not mine. Mommy doesn't exercise. Mommy only runs when chased, and even then, is more likely to lay down and play dead. Amazing...pfffffttttttt! Where did this boy come from?????

Son also towering over me....closing in on 5'9" now.....he plays basketball and watching him make an improvement from last year to this warms my heart. As someone who was on the basketball team in jr. high, purely for early puberty and having height (and boobs), and only scored 2 points...EVER....I love watching him have some skills.

And, this morning, with a few inches on snow on the ground....seeing my little guys leave for school in jackets, snow pants, boots and hats and be SO was so see them so excited and to see the bus take them away for 6 hours....Buh Bye! More fun....seeing my baby girl, who is mostly white and pudgy...go in the yard to do her business in all the snow.....makes me laugh....she freaks out and has no idea what she should be doing! More fun...watching her come back in the house, get upset when I have to wipe her paws, and then...head directly to the couch and curl up on her blanket to let out a sigh and rest...she's mommy's girl.