Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And, it begins.....

I have been contemplating writing a blog for sometime now. Finally decided to take the plunge. So, here I am. Get excited. As you will learn, I am a completely upbeat, positive, full of sunshine person......LOLOL....right. As I get more into writing this blog, you'll learn more about me and how I got to where I am. It's quite the tale. I'll probably jump around a lot and go off on tangents (as I do when I tell stories in person) You'll adjust.....or you won't. I don't really give a shit (you'll also learn I don't give a shit about much...especially State Capitals) I hope you will find this somewhat amusing and maybe get a laugh now and then. I laugh at my life all the time.
Day 62 without driving........I'm over it. But, I have until July 13 before I can run free, so I have WAY too much time on my hands.
Today, we switched back to Comcast from AT&T Uverse---always fun when the install guy comes in the house and gets pissed because I didn't place the order correctly. He called for back up. The back up guy got the tv's working, yet kept checking ESPN. Why? Don't know--it was working just fine. What wasn't working fine was HBO--the only movie channel we now have. (Do you hear the tiny violins playing?)
I'm not sure why I'm upset----we had a million channels and there still was never anything to watch. All this means is now is that it'll take me less time to discover that there still is nothing on tv.
BUT---I am super excited that we now have working wireless internet again!!!!!! Now, I can keep my ass on my couch instead of having to go upstairs to the computer or waste the battery on the phone and iPad by using 3G. It's the little things..........
Dinner tonight should be fun. Making a new recipe for myself. Steve & the boys are on their own. No one appreciates what I make; half of them don't like it anyway. So...let them figure it out.
As I sit here typing this, Issac sits down next to me. He's very upset with our new cable. I've told him that when he moves out and pays his own bill, he can upgrade up his wazoo.
I could go start packing lunches for school tomorrow. They're all getting the green Shamrock bagels my mom brought for St. Patty's Day(we're not Irish....we just like to find another excuse to eat more food). Only my stepson eats cream cheese...none of my boys will.....freaks.


  1. Totally sounds like you! And your boys. Let us know how dinner works out.

  2. I am so happy that you started this blog. Your writing is amazing and I look forward to the "Tales of Kerry".