Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So, yesterday's post discussing Lou Malnati's made me think of another time Tammy and I were there with our kids. It was Valentine's Day 2002. Zoe and Issac were 11 months old. Andrew was 3. Mike and Allan were with us as well. We went for dinner with all the kids as Valentines Day fell during the week and we had no sitters and decided to go for heart shaped pizza. (A tradition my Mother instilled in me many, many years ago. She always got heart shaped pizza for us on Valentines Day before she and my Dad would go out.)

So here we are, sitting at a table, right by the kitchen. HUGE pet peeve of mine. I do not like sitting near kitchens or bathrooms. It irks me. I don't like to hear the yelling that goes on between staff members in the kitchen or what goes on in a bathroom. If I wanted all that, I'd stay home.  Anywho, the kids were super loud and probably tossing food on the floor from their high chairs. Oh. And Issac had a huge black eye. I just remembered that.  He woke up a few days earlier with his first black eye. We never did figure out how that happened. Although, we did have to go to the pediatrician right after it happened as he and Andrew both had ear infections that took 3 rounds of antibiotics to clear up.(Everyone says ear infections aren't contagious, yet both boys had one that was so nasty they were on meds for almost a month?!) So we made up a story that he hit his head on the corner of the coffee table. We thought that sounded better than saying we didn't know. Afraid the doctor was going to call DCFS on us. He didn't. PHEW. Back to dinner......we look like real winners sitting with the banged up kid and then making a mess and we kept being really loud and obnoxious. (imagine that) Finally, we get the hint that our waitress has had it with us. So we pay the bill, and get up to leave, and I swing my diaper bag to put it over my shoulder when I hit the waitress coming out of the kitchen caring a big thing of Fettucini Alfredo and it ends up all over the place. And, instead of me apologizing and helping clean it up , I stand there and laugh. We all were laughing. I don't think she appreciated that very much. We then quickly scurried out.

So the inappropriateness of the behavior at Lou's relates to the inappropriateness of my work outfit today. I am wearing my Charlie Sheen "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour shirt. One of my co-workers told me it would be ok for me to wear it here. So I am. The front has a picture of Charlie surrounded by the words "Fucking Brilliant". The back has a list of tour cities. (as if anyone really cares) Simon (my oh so perfect son) told me he was very upset with me (and Charlie) this morning as I shouldn't be wearing the shirt outside of our house. He told me Charlie uses very bad words (and Simon doesn't?!) and his mom should punish him. I told Simon I'd pass that info along. Anyone have Mrs. Sheen's email address?

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  1. see! I was right!! Simon only uses bad language because he watched you being accepting of it when other people do it (i.e. Charlie Sheen and Issac). If Issac and Charlie got in trouble by you when they swore ... maybe Simon would stop. :-) I can't wait until you get to pick on me when I have kids. Maybe I just won't.