Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Win!!!!! Wait, no I don't.

Got up this morning. Steve and I drove the boys to Sunday school and headed to Sunset for some grocery shopping.  As we make our way thru the store, I find it. The thing that has been driving my mother and sister crazy due to lack of product availability is right in front of me. TONS of it. What is this product that is so exciting??? Temp-Tee Kosher for Passover Whipped Cream Cheese.

As a child, I was raised in a home where we kept Passover strictly. All different dishes, glasses, covered counters & tables, the full nine yards.  My mother would have her annual nervous breakdown in the days leading up to it while trying to get the house ready. (Sorry Mom, but you did.) Somehow, us kids were always in her way and we'd try to hide as best we could. The only saving grace of all her manic-ness was knowing that once the holiday started, we'd be able to have Temp-Tee cream cheese on matzah, sometimes with jelly, (strawberry for me) and sometimes not.  Now to east coast people, this is no big deal. They are able to get Temp-Tee year round. But here, in Chicago, we are only allowed it's deliciousness once a year.

So there it is. With a sale sign on it to boot. $1.99. How excited was I?? I was a rock star. I grabbed a bunch of it and filled up my cart. We finished our shopping and checked out. We got into the car and I sent a text to my mom and Tessi. I told them about my find. My sister responds immediately with excitement.  She is overjoyed at how I accomplished this major feat. She tells me that our mom put our uncle on the job to find the Temp-tee but so far, he had no luck.  I then get a text from my mom. She tells me that my uncle, in fact, already found the cream cheese for her and my sister.  And. He only paid $1.50 for it. Well, whoopie f*ckin do. My balloon deflated.  I was crushed. I thought I had done such a good deed and was going to make their days. Instead, not only did I not find the Temp-Tee first, I paid more for it.  So, while I share my devastation with my mom on the phone, she tells me not to worry. It's all good. She'll still buy the cream cheese from me as one can never have too much. Thanks, Mom. But, somehow, it just doesn't feel the same.


  1. I am sorry that I bursted your bubble. I appreciate all you do.

  2. ummmmmmm I eat like 1 a day (no joke, people) so I think it was NECESSARY that you and Marlow both found the cream cheese!!! How sad is it that I love it that much?!?! A co-worker was talking to me the other day about how important this holiday was and I said "yea, I love the cream cheese." wow!