Thursday, March 31, 2011

Death & Dismemberment

Yesterday, as you know, was my one day in the office this week.  I left Andrew (my 12 year old) in charge of the other 3 boys while I was gone for about 6.5 hours.  While at work,  I emailed my sister, Tessi, like I do everyday. I told her how I was so excited to be at work. She asked where the boys were. I told her they were home. She then asked who was with them. I told her they were home alone. Her next email asked if when I got home, if any of the boys would be dead and/or dismembered? WTF? Was she serious? Is that what she really thinks of my children? That after a few hours alone they would kill each other or cut off each others arms, legs or heads??

This was good to know, I thought to myself. Good to know that my sister, who I practically raised, always took care of and taught many valuable life lessons thinks this of my precious children. (who of course, would never do such awful things) I did everything for my sister.  I sat with her while she had the Chicken Pox and watched Mrs. Doubtfire for a week straight and got balloons to tie to her bed. (while our mother boarded a plane to New York) I used to drive her to gymnastics.  I got my mother to buy her a $500 prom dress. (I think mine was less than $120; my second wedding dress was $500) Who taught her to get her eyebrows waxed and the importance of regular manicures and pedicures? I drove to Indiana University to pack up her entire room while she was having a gallbladder attack. (even though she didn't believe me when I said it was her gallbladder and that there was no way she was going to get thru her finals while having attacks and that she needed to speak to her professors and come home) Then, once we arrived back home and went straight to the hospital, I stayed with her several nights during her long hospital stay and left my children home to fend for themselves with Steve. Then, she went to Spain to study abroad and while there was in the ER twice. Who was on the phone with her all night long talking her thru it? When her apartment in Wrigleyville was infested with mice and she needed a place to live, who took her in?? And this girl thinks my fabulous sons would really do such awful things to each other???

Well....perhaps she knows my boys rather well. After all, she used to babysit ALL the time. After Allan died, she stayed overnight at my house with me and would get up all night with Simon. (who refused to sleep and drove her to tears) She stays with my boys when we go on vacation. She even attempted to cook for them during those stays.  She comes out to watch baseball games, even in freezing weather. This year her company, Events By Tess ( is even sponsoring Andrew's house league team.

So, while my feelings were a little disturbed by her insinuating that they would kill or mutilate each other, she may have had a point. Although, yesterday, they actually were all in one piece and the house was too.


  1. Quite a tribute to Tessi and to yourself. You both have been beyond wonderful to each other. All I can say to you is, "wait till she leaves her children alone." You can then make the same phone call. Despite all of Tessi's babysitting, cooking and unconditional loving of your children, she still does not know what it's like to have her own children. The day will come when she totally understands you.

  2. So clearly I was being a bit funny when suggesting such extremes as death or dismemberment, HOWEVER, it is not a far stretch to suggest leaving four BOYS in the range of 6-12 home alone is asking for some interesting outcomes. And, yes, as you alluded, I do know my nephews. Amazing kids - great with people, polite, well-mannered and the many compliments from friends and family in regards to such are proof, BUT they are still young boys and were not in an environment suggested good manners. So ... I thought the outcome of their home alone stay could be funny. I'm glad they were good, though.
    ALSO - I have always appreciated EVERYTHING you have done for me ... the list is far longer than you have made it. Again, thank you for all you have done.

  3. it could have been worse i could have been the babysitter,me grmpa