Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My FAVORITE Day of the Year!

That's right--it's here!!!!! My favorite day of the year!!!!!! It's not because of romance, flowers or chocolate--although, I certainly wouldn't turn any down. This day has been my favorite day for a VERY long time. I love that it means showing the people you love how much you love them. Yes, we should do this everyday, but I enjoy the sappy-ness of the hearts and glitter, buying little things for all my guys, cards specific to their likes and just seeing their faces as they get to open up little gifts.

My late husband was completely against this holiday. Like, totally against it. He didn't go with the "Hallmark Holiday" excuse. He basically just thought it was stupid and why spend double the money on flowers when on any other day of the year, he could send or buy me the identical ones.Our first Valentines Day he did buy me roses---I am SO NOT a fan of roses. They require no thought. We didn't go out to dinner. It turned into an ugly argument. Fast forward to having kids.Well, let's back up a second. I did get the ultimate gift from him on Valentine's Day 1998. I think this was meant to be-- as something he could "hold over me" , even from beyond the grave. Andrew was conceived that day. Today, is the 14 year anniversary of the greatest gift I ever got. :o)
 We did celebrate our first Valentines Day with Andrew at Wildfire for dinner. He was such a good boy. He slept almost the whole time and let us eat. It was nice. I decided, when Andrew was 14 months old and I got a flyer in the mail from the Picture People advertising their Valentines Day props, that I was taking him. I went and had the best pictures of him taken wearing his black overalls, white long sleeved shirt, standing as he was surrounded by over sized candy hearts with sayings on them. I mailed them out in Valentines Day cards to our family and friends. My husband didn't oppose any of this. He thought it was cute. After Issac was born, I dressed the boys in 100% LOVE t-shirts from the Gap and had pics taken again. Freakin' adorable!!!!!! For years I dressed them in Valentine's Day shirts and did pictures...and then, they got too old for this.  So now, every year, the boys get cards and candy and little gifts. We have heart shaped pizza and a special dessert. (This year I ordered a giant "love bug" cookie bouquet for my love bugs) They know that this day is a huge deal for me...but I am not sure they fully understand why.

To me, this day is not about me receiving gifts or cards. It's about me giving to everyone I love. When I was younger, I wanted it to be about me. And, after being disappointed year after year, I decided to change my attitude about it. And now, that I show everyone how  much I love them, it makes me feel really good and that is the best present I could ask for. (of course, I still want a gift and a card....I am human, LOL, but, really, I am just happy to be with my love bugs on this super special day)

Love, hugs and kisses to you all!!!!!!!!

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