Sunday, May 1, 2011

Suicide Circle

For those of you not familiar with it, Suicide Circle is an intersection at Golf and Wolf Roads in the suburbs of Chicago. When driving through it, you need to know how to merge and go. Period. There is no time for nerves or waiting or wondering what you should do. You need to just do it.

I take this route to work each morning with  my various drivers. I also take this route home. There is no question, you must be aggressive and on your game to drive through this successfully.  Tammy has got this mastered. There have been several mornings that we have almost died, but, fault was not hers. Some people need to learn that talking on your cell phone should be reserved for when you aren't supposed to be focused on the road.  When Steve and I take this route home, it is rush hour.  As I may have mentioned before, Steve is a bit of a nervous driver. He isn't super comfortable driving through this intersection, but we have survived thus far. The other day we had a near death experience, and I seriously thought I was going to end up on my face on Golf Road, but, Steve managed to swerve away from the lunatic.

Last night, Steve, Tammy, Mike and I had dinner at Salsa 17 with our Groupon.  We have been there many times before and love it! Always nice to enjoy dinner with a most delish margarita and a coupon always makes everything better. (I am starting to get old.)  We left dinner but it was still early and we weren't ready to go home to our children. So, we were trying to decide where to get some dessert.  Then, it dawned on me that I had a WeDeal for Omega! (more coupons!!) We proceeded down Northwest Highway towards Golf Road. Steve didn't realize that we were approaching the dreaded circle.  Understand, it was dark out and we were approaching from the west, whereas we usually approach from the east or south. So, this was new for him.  Steve was very hesitant to jump into the circle to take his turn. Finally, he did, but rather than going "straight" (as if there had been no circle to go through) Steve proceeded to keep driving us around the circle. It was like a scene from "European Vacation".  Tammy and I were laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee in my pants. I ended up smashing my head against the door of the car from thrashing around so much. (probably similar to how I look when I am seizing, except I was conscious lol) Steve was screaming at us to stop laughing and to help him. I couldn't open my eyes to see where we were because I was laughing so much and tears were pouring out of my eyes.  Cars were honking. It was quite an exciting Saturday night.

Finally, we arrive at Omega. I haven't been there in probably 13 years. It has been totally re-done and is quiet fancy shmancy now! So impressive!!! They still give you a giant bread basket full of muffins, croissants and all sorts of breads upon sitting. We all looked at each other and said we should just eat that and go. But, we didn't. We all ordered dessert. We had fun people watching. Then the bill came. I did not have the physical WeDeal with me, but, there is a way to just show the restaurant your phone so they can pull up your coupon number. This baffled the manager. He refused to accept this. So much for the coupon. We had to pay for it. Guess we need to go back. They are running a Mother's Day special. Maybe Steve and the boys will take me there for dinner....and then we can drive through suicide circle again.

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