Saturday, April 9, 2011

Russell Brand Unites a Family

Last night, Steve and I took the boys to see the movie "Arthur". The boys had no idea this was a remake of the Dudley Moore and Liza Minelli movie. Steve and I were skeptical as to whether or not it would stand up, as many remakes do not. But I have to say, Russell Brand was terrific!

Before we take our seats thought, we must face the concession stand. For most people, this is probably not a major ordeal as it is for us.  There is the major discussion of what we will eat. (We were eating dinner at the theatre due to time constraints) "Our" theatre now offers all sorts of options--which is great, except for us, the weirdos, it causes way more problems.  Pizza, hot dogs, mini corn dogs, boneless chicken nuggets, and some kind of chicken sandwich. G-d forbid my children would all agree on something to make it easier. So after we stand there fighting for a good 5 minutes, I have the order down. So I thought. I needed 2 cheese pizzas, 1 pepperoni, an order of mini corn dogs, an order of nuggets, an order of nachos, a large Diet Coke, a medium Diet Coke, a medium fruit punch and a small fruit punch and a large bucket of popcorn.  This is where the fighting began.  Anyone who has been to a movie in the last 10 years knows that the drinks are so big you can bathe in them. This is why we share them. But then the shit hit the fan because of the kids I chose to share drinks. Apparently, I picked a bad combination. @@ The 18 year old working behind the counter refuses to take my whole order at once. Every time I order something, he walks away to start getting it. This created more chaos. Each pizza was put in the oven at a different time. So was all the other food. He tells me it'll be about 15 minutes and to come back. So I take the kids and 2 of the drinks and go get seats. Steve waits at the counter with Andrew for the food. We take seats and again fighting occurs because of the drink sharing. Steve is sending me texts about how he is going to torch down the theatre because of the incompetence.  I am still hiding my giant water bottle in my coat. The 2 older women in front of us are hot, then freezing, then hot again. Then the aisle seat is no good. So they move over and are sitting right in front of Simon, who has his feet on the chair.  He refuses to move his feet and I don't tell him to move. These women were more annoying than my kids. So, one woman gets pissed and they finally move a few aisles down. Goodbye and good luck.

Finally, Andrew starts bringing food in. Steve eventually joins us as the movie is starting. I have to say the movie was adorable! The kids completely loved it!! And all was well, for the most part. Simon , as usual, needed to re-postion himself on Steve's lap and complain of his tiredness. Then he needed to pee. Then Andrew was "starving". So I text Steve to get more mini corn dogs. Simon comes back with them. Then he leaves again. Then they both come back with Simon carrying more chicken nuggets. The movie ends. We are putting our jackets on when a woman taps me on the shoulder. Uh oh. I'm gonna hear about my kids. But, instead, she tells me that I have a wonderful family and terrific children. ME??????? Yes, me. After all the arguing and fighting over food and drinks and seats and what not, my family and I enjoyed a movie together. My boys were quieter than most adults and all the teenagers in the theatre.  And while this quiet evening cost a small fortune, to hear this woman say this to me was priceless. I was so proud of my kids for being as well behaved as they were.  I really don't remember the last time I enjoyed an evening or outing with my family as much as I did last night. This will stay with me for a long time to come. Or, until the next fight begins.


  1. My lil nephers really do know how to behave well! This shows signs of good parenting!

  2. As I always said, Your kids know when they should be well-behaved. Remember Mexico? Yes, you have an amazing family and you and Steve are amazing parents.