Tuesday, April 5, 2011

National Deep Dish Pizza Day

As I went to check on Facebook this morning, I noticed that Lou Malnati's posted that today is National Deep Dish Pizza Day and they are running a special for lunch: a personal deep dish pizza, soup or salad and a drink for $7.50.  SUCH A DEAL! Makes me think back about 10 years, when I was pregnant with Issac and my BF Tammy was pregnant with Zoe. She, Andrew and I would go to Lou's for lunch. I was able to eat their personal size pizza without it throwing my blood sugar out of whack. (I had Gestational Diabetes during my pregnancy with Issac and had to go on Insulin to keep it under control...another super fun time in my life)

We used to go to lunch all the time, Tammy and me. All throughout college and after, even when our kids were little before we went back to work. One of our favorites: Eduardo's Pizza. They had an awesome lunch special: personal pizza, salad and a drink for only $5!!!!!!!! Beats out a footlong sub anyday in my book.  She and I used to go all the time for this special. It was one restaurant in our regular rotation. Then, we continued the tradition even after Zoe and Issac were born. We'd take them there after Gymboree for lunch too. I'll never forget that we went there on Issac's first birthday for lunch. The four of us plus Andrew all went after Gymboree.  One would think this was a fun time, a celebration, if you will. Except that Issac had his last bottle forever the night before. He woke up on his first birthday to only a sippy cup and let's just say he was not a happy camper. My Issac was VERY attached to his bottle. He had one in his mouth almost all day long, except for naps and sleeping at night. The kid drank NON STOP; at home, in the car, in the stroller, everywhere. My kids NEEDED their morning bottles. Some kids need their bedtime bottle--mine, not so much. That morning bottle was like my morning cup of coffee-a MUST. So, when Issac didn't get his that morning, things were not great, to put it mildly. He got no bottle on the way to Gymboree and not one after either. (he would look so forward to that bottle in the car afterwards)

We arrived at Eduardo's for lunch. I gave Issac his sippy cup and probably some kind of cracker or Cheerios. I'm pretty sure he threw the sippy cup at someone. I gave it back, he threw it again. You see where this is going.  Andrew thought it was amusing. Tammy thought I was horrible.

But, I learned, that either shit or get off the pot. Go cold turkey or don't go. I did it with Andrew when he was 14 months old--took away his bottles. But that was more drastic.  He woke up that first morning and had a major meltdown when I handed him that sippy cup. My husband had a meltdown too and proceeded to tell me what a witch I was. I told him to go to work and have a nice day. That night I had somewhere to go. I knew that with enough crying from Andrew, Allan would give in to giving him a bottle. So...earlier in the afternoon, I took all the bottles and hid them in my car so that Allan couldn't give in after I had 13 hours under my belt of going bottle free. The phone call I received that evening was not a pleasant one when he realized what I had done. But it was one lousy night. Andrew survived. Allan almost didn't. And the next day, it started all over again. Andrew cried. Allan yelled. And I did my best to keep a smile on my face. (which, for anyone who knows me, is quite a feat as I rarely smile on a good day) It took Andrew 4 mornings to get over it. On morning #5, he took his sippy cup and all was well with the world. It took my stubborn Issac 5 mornings to get past it. Simon---didn't give a shit at all about his bottle; he loved his sippy cup. (which is rather shocking as he is the most stubborn out of them all)

Back to the whole pizza thing......seeing that today is National Deep Dish Pizza Day, I wish we could go to lunch today. But, I am at work. Tammy is at work. Life is different now. Maybe another day.

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