Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh. I'm sorry.

Yesterday, another pretty typical Saturday in our super exciting lives.  We ran a couple of errands, chased down a cupcake truck and took the boys for haircuts.  While we were sitting there, and I played referee between the boys who were waiting for their cuts, I got a text from my youngest brother, Jordan. He and his girlfriend, Jenna, were in the burbs and wanted to see the boys. They wanted to pick them up and take them to paint pottery. An offer from someone to take all 4 boys for a couple of hours!!!!!!!! Could the day get any better?!?!?!? I told him what time we'd be home and that we'd see them soon.

We pull in our driveway to find Jordan & Jenna sitting in the trunk of Steve's Xterra. A---Steve clearly left the car unlocked. B---Jordan knows the garage code, and yet, they chose to sit in the trunk, with the door closed on a beautiful day. Alright. I don't judge.  As I give the boys a quick lecture (again) on how they better behave or else no one will ever want to see them again, I start grabbing my things as Jordan & Jenna need to drive our car in order to fit everyone for the field trip. Steve opens the driver door and gets out because he needs to use the facilities before he and I head off for our couples time at Target & the produce store. I continue to gather my phone and purse, when I notice the garbage can on the driveway is moving. At first, I chalk this up to my horrific allergies that have been causing dizzy spells over the last few days. Then I notice the garage wall is getting closer. STEVE LEFT THE CAR IN DRIVE when he got out. His terrible habit finally has caught up with him. When Steve stops the car, rather than putting the car in park, turning the engine off, and then opening the car door, Steve opens the car door, grabs his phone, starts to exit the vehicle, then puts it in park and turns off the engine. I seriously had no idea what to do at this point. The kids are yelling, I'm yelling, Jordan is laughing. All I envision is the damage to my family room wall unit and TV as we go plowing thru the house when I lean over and just throw the car into park hoping my transmission doesn't fall out. It didn't. I get out of the car screaming about how stupid does one need to be to leave the car in drive when Steve comes outside. I start yelling about what just happened, and his response: "Oh, I'm sorry. I've never done that before." @@

Steve comments to Jenna that her new car looks pretty sweet and she offers him the keys while they are gone. He says, "Did you not see what I just did?" All I can say is that Jenna must really love Jordan to offer up the keys to her brand new car to the guy who can't even remember to put the car in park AND to spend a couple hours painting pottery with the boys. Jordan is a lucky guy.

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  1. Kerry, you are hysterical. I look so forward to reading your writings. And yes, Jordan is a lucky guy and Jenna, a lucky girl.