Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Farfel & Fancy Desserts-Oh My!

Seder...night 2. Full house last night. My family of 6, my uncle, my cousin, Tessi, Mac, Jordan, Jenna and my parents all in attendance.  Jordan got dressed for the occasion.Rather than his usual uniform of his "Funny or Die" hoodie and black sweats, he wore a t-shirt and his Guitar Hero pajama pants. My dad got the honor of sitting in the kitchen with the boys as we were quite squishy at the dining room table. Again, we attempt a couple of blessings. Tessi calls Issac in to read the 4 Questions in Hebrew and it isn't going very well. Jordan begins to criticize his reading. So, we turn it over to Jordan. It went worse. So we kind of just skipped it. We sit eating our gefilte fish. Jenna asks Tessi about the benefit she went to over the weekend at the Brookfield Zoo. She asked her what the cause was. Tessi had no idea but she said it was good for people watching. Cool.

We move onto the soup. Just like the night before, my mom begins questioning everyone as to whether they want both matzah balls and farfel or just matzah balls. For some reason though, she felt the need to scream the question at Jenna while she stood right next to her. I guess my mom, who claims to remember everything, forgot she was in the same room with her.  Jenna says ok to both even though she wasn't quite sure what farfel was. Mac didn't either. The previous night's explanation went something like "its a hard noodle but it gets soft in the soup and, really it is flavorless, but it tastes good." Oh, well then sign me up!

As we sit and eat dinner, Amy is playing on Steve's iPhone. She always does when we are together. She has her reasons. We're all cool with it. Steve asks Amy how her mom is doing. Tessi suddenly says, "Does your mom have an iPhone?" WTF???? Where did that come from? Amy answers her anyway, and tells Tessi that she does not. Glad we cleared that up. Thanks for asking, Tess.

Dinner was delish as usual. Simon was having shpilkes about hiding the Afikomen again. It didn't take the boys quite as long to find it last night.  They again were super lazy about it but this time, we also had Jordan yelling at them about it. Fun, fun. Issac was our big winner.

Now, dessert comes out. It is like nothing we have ever seen. There is a beautiful fruit tray, with berries and melon, and even kiwi. The night before, we only had strawberries. There also was a magnificent looking cake/torte looking thing very decorated and fancy. There were chocolate dipped marshmallows, cookies and chocolate/toffee matzah. Where did all this come from? Why is tonight different than all other nights????? The answer is simple: Jenna was at dinner.  Apparently, she ranks. The rest of us, simply, do not. Not only that, my mom bought those weird moon shaped gel candy with sugar on them-Jordan's favorite. She actually walked over to him with the platter and offered him his favorite color before they were all gone. It was as if Lance was at dinner but in Jordan's body. None of the rest of us got offered our favorite color. Again, we were shunned. But, we are used to it. After all, if  Lance isn't there, someone else must take the position of the favorite child. I guess Jordan and Jenna are winning! My guess would be it's more about Jenna, and Jordan just gets to tag along for the ride.


  1. LOL. Don't forget...Jordan's pants were fleece!!!

  2. Well I'm just glad it's possible to still enjoy life even if I'm not there. I know how difficult it can be.

  3. lol too. I'm so glad your mom seems to like Jenna almost as much as I do. I love your blog Kerry, look forward to meeting you.

  4. Thanks Holly! Looking forward to meeting you too!