Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hep To, Andrew!

Hep to!!!! When I was a little girl, I couldn't say Happy Birthday. Instead, I said Hep To. And once I was old enough to say Happy Birthday, my Bubby still wished everyone a Hep To. Today, I wish a half Hep To to my Andrew who is 12 1/2.  Shocking to me that he is getting so big. His Bar Mitzvah is now 6 months + 1 day away. We just ordered his invitations--a big step in making this day "real".  Well, that and the Haftorah lessons he's been taking for months.

Last night, Andrew and Issac were in my bedroom watching TV with me. For some reason, the Teletubbies came into our conversation. I cannot remember why. (not shocking...I don't remember much lately) The boys were trying to remember how the theme song to the show went. I remembered every word. So, I broke into song for them. They couldn't stop laughing. Then, Andrew did me a favor and made a video of me singing and talking about Noo Noo and Tubby Toast. He posted it on Facebook. Lucky me.

It's hard to believe Andrew used to watch the Teletubbies. It's harder to believe I let him watch that ridiculous show. It really was so weird. Although, not as weird as Caillou. What is up with that kid??? I miss the days of sitting on the couch watching Blues Clues and Rugrats. I remember the nighttime special that aired when Paprika got a sibling and Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper introduced their new baby and when the Rugrats were all Grown Up. I remember when Dora the Explorer made her debut on Nick, Jr, and then, later, when Diego got his spin-off show. I miss watching re-runs of Kipper. That dog just cracked me up. I loved his accent.  I miss Maisy. That was another good theme song. And, it was rather devastating when Steve left Blues Clues and Joe showed up. The show was never the same after that.  You can't just change characters once a show has taken off. It doesn't work. (Hence my feeling with the upcoming Two and a Half Men now starring Ashton Kutcher)

Now, all we seem to watch is the Disney channel. I guess it was sad to see the Suite Life end. I was never into it, so it doesn't effect my life in any way.  iCarly is still in high school hanging with Sam and the boy whose name I can never remember.  Occasionally, Nickelodeon still gets put on here.  SpongeBob is still having adventures under the sea with Patrick and fighting with Squidward. Rugrats are only on at like 4am. That show was so freakin funny. Angelica and the babies.

This is all making me feel rather old. I'm not old. I'm just older. I catch myself saying things like my mother and father. I'm not sure it's a good thing. Andrew went to his first Bat Mitzvah this past weekend. He won't tell me who he "snowballed" with. Why? His answer "cause you're my mom". Well, yea, I am. So why can't he tell me??? I guess that's not cool :o(  I think I'm least, kinda cool.

In any event, Hep To to my handsome boy!!!!!!! Maybe we'll have half a cake later on!

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  1. That was beautiful. I sooo look forward to 6 months and a day. Hep to to Andrew. He is quite a grandson!!