Friday, May 6, 2011

A Tribute to Moms

Mothers Day Weekend. A time when children make hand crafted gifts in school to bring home and we are supposed to get very excited over whatever it is they have made. (if we can figure out what the said gift is)
A time when many husbands tell their wives that they aren't THEIR mothers, so why should they buy them a gift. A time for some who no longer have their mothers to reflect on the time that they had with them. And for others, a time to get together with family and have a yelling fest.

My children like to shop. The last couple of years, they ask Steve to take them shopping to buy me gifts for Mothers Day.  It is VERY thoughtful and considerate of my children to spend their own money to buy me things they think I would like.  Some of these gifts have been great. They know mama likes her bling and I have received a couple of nice bracelets and necklaces. I also have received some gifts that I wear around the house only.  I have tried to explain to Steve that he should try to explain to the kids to either pool their money and buy me one nice gift or just get me something simple. We'll see what happens this year.

I am fortunate that my husband has the utmost respect for mothers. As I may have mentioned in this blog before, Steve thought of his mother as "a saint". (The more time I spend with Steve and his brothers, I understand his feeling. It was either she was a saint or completely spent from those 4 boys she had.) Therefore, he appreciates all mothers and what they do. I usually end up with a beautiful gift and a day of not having to do anything. (Although, lately, with my non-driving, I haven't had to do a whole lot of anything...maybe we should be celebrating Steve and all those who do shlep my children and me.)

Let's not forget all those fathers who are raising children alone--those doing the job of 2. We are always quick to talk about single moms and how they are both mom and dad. There are many dads who do the job of 2 as well.  I will say this: I think it is much harder on a child to lose their mother than it is to lose their father. Do not misunderstand me: no child should ever have to lose a parent. But, I just think, after our experience and all of our support groups we attended and families we met thru them, that it is so much harder for the children and men who lose their mothers/wives.  Many dads are programmed to be the provider and to handle the "manly" things. They aren't sure how to arrange playdates, plan birthday parties or braid their daughters hair. These men, at least the ones I encountered, really deserve the credit and respect and to be honored on Mothers Day as well.

Last but not least, the celebrating of the actual day. This year, we will be at my parents house for brunch. I got a year off from hosting since I have been a "prisoner" in my home and this way I can get out.  We will miss my brother, Lance, and sister in law, Roya, who are off in Paris having a most marvelous time. Yea for them.  The rest of us who will be in attendance are surely in for good food, loud talking and maybe even some yelling. (Who am I kidding? It's MY family--of course there will be yelling.) Then, my husband and children are taking me to dinner at a surprise location. I look forward to a day filled much love and laughter. And, for all of you celebrating, whether you are a mother, father, grandmother, or a mother figure, have a most splendid Mothers Day! xoxo

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  1. You are not my mother, but you sure are a damn amazing mother to my four nephews! Thank you!!! (and Steve, thank you for stepping in on some of the motherly duties Kerr has not been able to do!)