Friday, March 25, 2011

Tuesday's Mail

Over the last couple of months, I tend to get VERY excited for Tuesday's mail to arrive. I normally am not one to get excited over the mail, as usually, it's just bills and junk. But Tuesday, Tuesday is different. The Sunset Foods weekly ad comes to my door. I sort thru all the other mail and then sit down with the ad. I carefully look through each and every colorful page searching for all the goods that are on special for the upcoming week. Will chicken breasts be on sale? How about Kraft Mac n Cheese? Could it be a good week for milk or cereal? So many questions are on my mind. And if all these items that I want to purchase are on sale, are they in fact cheaper, then Target? Lots of work for me to do!

First, I create the list of what I know we definitely need. Staples, like milk, bread and stuff for the boys lunches. Then, I try base dinners for the following week off of what is on sale. I have learned what milk normally costs at Target so I know if Sunset has a good deal. I have started to do this with many items I use regularly and it is so exciting to see where I am saving some money. (I know, LOSER, but hey, a few cents and a couple bucks there adds up!)

Here's the sad part....I am 35 and feel as though I'm 75. The only people I knew who would get excited over grocery ads were people around the age of 70. It gave them something to look forward to each week. And now, that is me. They would then putz to 3 different stores in order to get all the goodies on sale. I now do this too. What happened to my life? I mean, I was never a party girl or one to hang out in bars. But I certainly wasn't the one who would wait for weekly sale ads. And, why ARE they so appealing? The bright colors? The shiny pages? Something else for me to ponder.

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  1. Its a sign that your husband has to take you out more, with all the money you are saving you deserve to go out.