Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day #2 of Spring Break

Today is Day #2 of the boys Spring Break. (or day #4 if you count the weekend) I am home from work again today. And I'll be honest-I cannot wait to go in to the office tomorrow. Is that bad? To admit that I need a day off from the kids and want to go be with other adults? To go somewhere that is mostly quiet (except when the guys come in and start playing music or when Jordan brings Oliver (his dog) and he goes nuts the second Jordan is out of his eye sight?) where I can sit and concentrate and feel productive?

I used to be a stay at home mom....for 5 years. Then in 2003, after both Andrew and Issac were in pre-school, I began to work part time. I found out I was pregnant with Simon 2 weeks later. I worked until about 2 weeks before I had him. The plan was to go back to work in September when Andrew started pre-school, which I did, but of course there was just that one major blip in the road. Allan died suddenly in 2004 when Simon was just 18 days old. I am not going to make this entry about that. I'll save that for another time. But, I did go back to work in September as he and I had discussed. And with the exception of 2 months off in 2010, I have worked since then. Here is what I have realized: being a stay at home mom is the HARDEST job on the planet. It is unappreciated, devalued and unrecognized.  It is so difficult to spend your days cleaning, doing laundry, running errands, cooking and doing things for everyone else and to hardly hear a thank you. Here's what makes that even more difficult--not being able to drive. I know I keep whining about this, but, if you're tired of hearing about it, stop reading. For anyone else still reading, I feel badly that I cannot take my boys anywhere this week. I feel badly we can't go to a movie or lunch or a museum. (well, not really. I hate museums)  I spent yesterday trying to spring clean and while I did accomplish a lot, I did have a complete meltdown and ended up locked in my room for 2 hours away from my kids. Maybe if I could drive and we could all get out for a while that wouldn't have occurred. (or it may have anyway....let's be honest.)

Tomorrow, I am going into work. And I have never been so excited to do so.  But....I still have a very long day ahead of me today with laundry, cooking, cleaning and whining, bitching and moaning (and that doesn't include the kids, lol) Wish the 5 of us luck. We really do need it.

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  1. I wish I was home to help you out. It broke my heart reading this. One again, I will say, this, too will pass. Have fun at work tomorrow. I know that sounds funny, but It will be great to get out. I have been there. However, I only had you when I was stuck at home. It's four times worse with four. Love you. Only five more days until Charlie!!!