Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yeah 3x

The alarm went off at 630am today. I felt like a ton of bricks. And I automatically hit snooze. Then, I remembered what day it was. It's Wednesday. My one day of work this week. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got up. Started getting myself together for the day. I put on my face and then headed to my closet to look for something other than yoga pants. (which I have been wearing for days now) While standing in the closet trying to decide which pair of jeans I would wear, (any woman would understand that there are different jeans for different days. Today, I need TTOM jeans-TMI for some of you, I know) I began singing Chris Brown's "Yeah 3x" ( and dancing. (I am a HORRIBLE dancer--ask anyone) I was feeling so good about getting out of my house and rejoining society. (Good thing there is no mirror in the closet for me to see myself dancing in my bra and panties for then I would hibernate forever). I spin around I find Steve staring at me. He asked me if I was really singing and dancing. My response was hell yes I am! I get to leave the house today!!!!!

Now, I must also tell you, that while I love, love, love this song by Chris Brown, I really can't stand the Mother F*****.  I used to like him. But then the Rhianna thing happened and I had to boycott. I also told my kids we couldn't listen to anymore of his music. (even though, really, we all enjoy it...well not Steve...but he's old) The boys understand that what he did to Rhianna was a terrible, awful thing and something a man should NEVER, EVER do to a woman. (or anyone, for that matter) But. Something about this song makes me feel good. It makes me feel alive. I have absolutely no friggin' idea why. And I thought this guy might be turning his life around and maybe he had been rehabilitated, but then he went ahead and went psycho on Good Morning America. So--I guess we need to boycott again. But I will tell you, that while I am sitting here typing this out. I have the song on and I am dancing  (or attempting to) in my chair. We have video cameras here at work. So I'm sure when Jordan rolls the video, he'll get a good laugh at me. Then he'll show all the other guys. Everyone will get a good laugh at my expense. But. It's all good. I'm out of my house!!!!!!


  1. Can I watch the video footage too?!?!

  2. I'm so glad that you had a better day. "Dance like no one is watching"

  3. I got a break today as well. Needed it! Though, there was no dancing in my underwear. ;-)