Monday, March 21, 2011

We don't get invited back.

Sunday, Sunday. No Hebrew school for the kids so they were super excited. It was Purim Carnival day! (enter not excited parents--spend lots of money to win tiny junk that the kids just "love" and then in three months, I spend hours cleaning it all out of the house to throw away)

This year, I got out of it. I had a ton of paperwork and bills and what not to deal with, so Steve took the boys himself. He doesn't really mind. He buys tickets for the boys, they run around and do what they want, he sits and stares at his phone, (this year, keeping up with the NCAA scores) then they eat and come home with said junk.

I remind everyone that we had a 1st birthday party to go to last night. Simon asks whose party are we going to. I tell him Leah's party. He stares at me, confused as to who this Leah might be. I explain how we know Leah and her family. Simon's face lights up and he says, "OH! That's the house I threw up at!"
Yes, that is correct. When this family's middle child turned one, they had the birthday party at home. We were all invited. Unfortunately, what was planned as an outdoor party became an indoor one as the skies opened up and we were getting ready to build an ark.  The buffet was set up in their kitchen. We all line up, get our food, and find seats. A few minutes later, Simon stands up, and throws up all over their kitchen floor. I quickly pick him up and go running to the bathroom while I yell behind me to Steve to start cleaning. I should also add that Steve I were married 6 days when this event occurred. Zion (Steve's son) was really not a vomitter so Steve had never had to clean this up before. As Simon and I hide in the bathroom because I am totally mortified and wonder how we can escape this party without people screaming and throwing things at us, Simon questions why we are hiding. I explain that he just threw up all over the kitchen with 100 people in the house and now everyone will think their kids are going to get the stomach flu. He says he's not sick and reminds me that he just throw up a lot. (No shit, sherlock) We leave the bathroom, I finish helping Steve clean as he's about 7 colors of green and looks like he's contemplating annulling this marriage, when I tell the other boys we have to leave. Everyone is upset as they haven't finished eating and of course have not gotten cake. I yell thru my teeth to get outside. I say goodbye to our hostess who tries to reassure me it's no big deal that she now needs to call in a Haz-mat team to decontaminate her home and she hopes Simon feels better. (Our hostess is very concerned about germs as her 3 kids tend to get sick ALL the time and the last thing she needs is someone leaving them all over her home)

We are walking to our car and of course our children are completely confused as to why we left. When we are home and Simon throws up, we just continue whatever we were doing as, at that point in time, Simon was throwing up almost everyday. (After a gammet of tests and what not, we realized Simon was throwing up as an attention getter--never a dull moment) We get home, Simon has chocolate milk and chicken nuggets and is completely fine. The hostess calls to check in, I keep apologizing profusely, explaining that he is just a puker and that I'm sure no one will get sick. ( I can imagine the faces and gestures she was making as I told her this)

All of this brings us back to yesterday's party. Simon asks me where the birthday party is going to be.(will it be at their house again because they had such a cool basement??) And I have to explain to him that we will never be invited back to their house again because of what he did and that was why the party had to be out at a restaurant--to prevent things like this from happening. Simon just smiled, and gave me a bear hug and said "I love you. mama". Granted this was adorable, it still does not make up for all of the vomit that has been cleaned up over the last few years. And fortunately, he survived the party last night without throwing up anywhere! WINNING!

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  1. Not so nice that you told him that the party was at a restaurant because of what he did. I bet he brings it up to you about 30 years from now. lol