Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pasta Neurosis

Noodles come in all shapes and sizes.  Spaghetti, Angel Hair, Fettucini, Rigatoni, Macaroni, the list goes on and on. They come in different colors too. Do they taste any different. No, they do not. Are some easier to eat than other? I believe so.  My late husband called those "stab-able" pastas. For example, Rigatoni or Penne would be a "stab-able" pasta.  Chefs say that certain pastas are better for certain sauces. Meat sauces go better with sauces that have ridges, the sauce sticks better to the noodle.  ( I watch a lot of Food Network) However, do the noodles themselves taste any different? HUGE debate in my household.

Yesterday, we had no dinner plans. Issac was scheduled to play a baseball game at 530pm. I was super psyched because it was my day off and I'd be able to watch him play.  But, alas, we were hit with tons of rain. Game was cancelled.  This left us with an issue: we'd actually all get to eat dinner together.  This is not really an issue as it is more of something to be happy about.  However, trying to make 6 people happy with 1 meal is near to impossible in this house. (and in many households, from my understanding.) When I grew up, we ate what was served. Period.  There was no discussion or complaining or asking if there was something else.  I decided to ask the kids that were home what they might like for dinner.  I actually got a couple of responses for Spaghetti and garlic bread.  Wow.  A couple kids agreed on the same thing.  Awesome.  I knew I needed to hit the store to pick up some garlic bread and frozen meatballs so I decided to do that when I picked up Andrew from practice.

I texted my husband to tell him that we actually had reached a decision on dinner.  He offered to go to the store, I said I would do it.  His only had 2 requests:  grated parmesan cheese and spaghetti shaped noodles.  I said fine, no problem.  I wasn't going to argue.  He's been on dinner duty for months and even though I have lots of pasta in the pantry, he knows the kids quirks better and if they'll eat if it's spaghetti noodles, then fine.

Andrew and I ran into the store and grabbed the few things we needed, including my coffee cream. (for those who read the previous blog, you know of my crisis with that) I wasn't sure if I should buy 2 bags of meatballs and 2 loaves of bread or 1 of each.  But, as I have learned, if I only make 1 of each, we run out and if I make 2 of each, we have a crazy amount left and 1 would have been enough. We came home and Steve and I got dinner going.  I told him how I bought 2 different brands of spaghetti so that the 4 princes who live here would be happy for not only this dinner, but one more.  And, much to my surprise, I found out it was not, in fact, the boys who wanted the spaghetti noodles, but rather Steve.  He is the one who insisted on having spaghetti over every other shaped noodle in the pantry.  Like, seriously??? You have to be fucking kidding me.  As if trying to feed everyone here isn't difficult enough, I have to deal with the other grown-up being noodle particular?

I am really not a fan of the longer noodles. I find them more difficult to eat. (It sure as shit doesn't stop me from stuffing my mouth though.) I just think the other ones are easier.  But, I will make this sacrifice for my family, one of many that I do.  I will forgo my love of rigatoni, penne, tri-colored pasta, etc... if it will make all of my boys happy.  I just hope they realize Mother's Day is around the corner.

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