Saturday, April 19, 2014

Opening Day and Clowns

Opening Day: And, as usual, it's rather chilly outside. The sun is shining and it looks gorgeous out, but, it's breezy and cold. I dropped my oldest off at the school for his game. Then I took son #2 to team pictures at the Village Green, where, after only being outside for about 40 minutes, I am a popsicle.  Soon, I'll drive him to batting practice before his game. #1 will wrap up his game, and I'll head to work. So, all this baseball and I will miss all of the games today.  This mom, of course, is ridden with guilt for missing all of it. But, I work Saturdays, and this is life.

Driving home after team pictures, I was talking with son #2 about how I was in no mood to go home and put any make up on. He barked at me that I do not need any make up-who was I trying to impress? I said I wasn't trying to impress anyone, but when I don't wear any, people always comment that I look "tired".  He told me the next time someone says that, my response to them should be that they "look like a clown".  This got me thinking.  Why do people feel the need to offer their opinions and commentary when they haven't been asked for it? Why do people feel it's ok to walk up to someone and tell them that they think they look terrible? People don't know what's really going on in our lives, unless they are close friends or family, and even then, no one truly knows what goes on behind closed doors.  No one knows what battles we are fighting.  Sometimes we look tired simply because we are.  Sometimes it's because we haven't been sleeping well. It could be because we have a lot on our minds.  It could be because we are worried about our children, parents, friends, family, work, bills, our homes, etc...the list could go on and on.

I don't wear make up to impress anyone. I wear it for me. I like it, I enjoy it. I don't always enjoy taking the time to apply it. Today is one of those days. I'm tired, I'm in between running around and then off to work. And, I value the opinions of my children. I've come to realize that when kids tell you something, it's important to listen to them. Kids are brutally honest, especially the younger they are.  When a small child tells you that you are fat, chances are, you are.  They says whatever is on their minds. If a kid says you look tired, you probably do.  If a kid says you don't need make up, then you don't.  I value my children's opinions.  #2 isn't the only one who has told me I do not need to wear make up.  I still, ultimately choose to do what I want to do.  But, my kids opinions are ones that I truly value.  And, they're boys.  I think a lot of the male sex feel that make up covers up a woman too much.  They prefer a more natural look.

So, while I am definitely looking tired today, and not my most colorful and perky (HA!), I think the makeup will stay off until I go out tonight to dinner with the hubs.  And, even then, it could be a very minimal look. And, more importantly, I am ok with it. It doesn't matter if anyone else is.  If they aren't ok with it, or have commentary, I will remember what #2 said, and tell them they look like a clown. (or just think it LOL)

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