Friday, April 18, 2014

One Fabulous Chick

I am not like everyone else. I never have been. I'm unique. (Like all of you.). Do you remember Sesame Street? They'd sing about how one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn't the same.   That person is me. Do you remember watching Tom & Jerry? They'd run other little cartoons during that show. Do you remember the one with the yellow ducklings? And the one black one?  He would cry out to the mama duckling about not being left behind. Since I was a child, I have had nightmares that I'm the black duckling. The nightmare, I still have it on occasion. I don't really feel as though I've been left behind. But clearly, somewhere within me, I feel it.

I don't think of myself as different or odd. I don't see myself as strange or weird. I just do things the way I do them. The way I want to do them. Sometimes, it's the way others do it. Sometimes, isn't. I've never been the thinnest, but I'm not the biggest. I'm not the ugliest, I'm the not the most beautiful.  There are things about me that are sexy, that are intriguing , that are lovable & fun loving. There are things about me that are cold and stand-offish.   I don't appear to be a warm person, but I am one of the most caring people.  I may not be everyone's first choice, but I am an  incredible choice.

We're all born with certain strengths  and weaknesses. Beauty and size are not a strength, as much as some people believe them to be.  Extra padding on one's body isn't a weakness.  It just means there is more of someone to love.   Someone doing things outside the box doesn't make them wrong,  as much as perceiving it to be wrong is.

For a long time, it appeared that how I looked or the way I chose to do, or not do, something made me who I am. That couldn't be further from the truth.  My experiences have made me who I am. Not the size of my jeans or the glasses on my face; not the college I attended or the sorority I didn't join. I am more than all of that. I am me:  take me as I am or watch me go. But, if you go, you're missing out on one fabulous chick.

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