Monday, April 14, 2014

Fireman in the House?

Last Tuesday, I raced home from work to watch the new show "About a Boy" with my youngest. This show premiered several weeks ago and thanks to my brother, we've discovered we really like this new comedy.  My baby (who is almost 10 years old) and I snuggle in my bed and spend thirty minutes watching this show. It's our time.  I didn't change the channel after the show ended. I was busy doing some things. (texting and emailing, as usual) Later on, Chicago Fire came on. I had never watched this show but I had heard rave reviews. I left the channel on and slowly got absorbed into it. It was really good and staring at some of those actors certainly didn't hurt anything. The next day, I looked On Demand and realized I could go back and watch Season 1 and all that have aired during Season 2. men, saving Chicagoans, and condensed into 42 minute episodes. This had potential.

In the last 6 days, I have watched 23 episodes of this show, 11 of those were yesterday.  I allowed myself a "marathon" day of TV watching. I've never done that. It did feel weird parking myself on the couch and staring at the screen, but it was so nice.  When I needed to stretch, I'd get up and work on organizing my kitchen a little bit. So after all day, it looks the way I want it to.  (this could've probably taken all of 30 minutes had I done it in one shot) Maybe it's just me, but I love seeing Chicago in TV shows. There was an episode where I got to see Skokie and it was so exciting to me to realize I knew the exact spot.

The real issue to me, is questioning whether or not allowing myself to get absorbed into the TV show and overdose on it for days is harmful or not.  Is it ok to let ourselves leave reality for a little while and let Calgon take us away? Granted, this morning, I am feeling sad for Dawson after Mills dumped her. And, I am left wondering if Shay will get pregnant. I had some very sweet dreams of Severide in those dress blues.  Obsessed much? Maybe. Was it a bad example for my boys? Perhaps.  Did it relax me and make me feel good? Hells to the yeah it did.  It's been a long time since I've gotten wrapped up in a good TV show. When I was younger, there seemed to be better TV on. Now everything is reality TV and it gets old after a while.  This is a "drama". I don't know if it is accurate as far as how life really works in a firehouse in Chicago.  (any firemen who would like to discuss with me, shirtless, and wearing their hats, are more than welcome to come over for coffee.) But, I love seeing these firemen, risking their lives, and saving people. They put their lives on the line everyday. It's truly amazing. I don't think they are given enough credit. They deserve it.

The side issue is me, as a woman, secretly loving the idea of being "rescued".  I never thought I was one of those. I never thought I was a woman who loved a man in uniform.  My husband works in uniform.  He refuses to drive to/from work in it. He changes at work.  One time, he left work to come to school to watch one of the boys in a classroom play. He wore a jacket over his uniform that I had never seen. It was a "uniform" jacket.  I told him later that day something that I cannot write here as my oldest and my mother read this blog. He just rolled his eyes at me.  However, after watching this show, I am all for a fireman.  I see why women throw themselves at them.  I was rescued once by firemen and EMT's.  Too bad I don't remember any of it. Chances are, they weren't as hot as Severide and I looked like ass and would be embarrassed if I did remember any of it.

The point of all this, I'm ok with overdosing on this TV show the last week.  And I will overdose this week as I start watching Season 2.  Life has enough complication and stress. Maybe I have become a little bit obsessive with these fictional characters.  We all need an outlet sometimes. This has become my new one.

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