Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Method to My Madness

Yesterday morning, the forecast called for rain, rain in the late afternoon thru the early evening.  Crap, I thought to myself.  It was my day off and my oldest had a home baseball game. I wanted to be able to see him play. I got out of the shower and had a decision to make.  Blow dry my hair straight, or let it go as is.  Now, I know, this seems like a stupid thing to have to make a decision about.  But, there is a method to my madness.

It never seems to fail, that when I blow dry my hair straight and there's a chance of rain, it rains.  My hair gets ruined.  Superficial of me to worry about this, I know.  I don't really worry about it, unless I have somewhere important to go.  Yesterday wasn't one of those days. Just errands to run and laundry to do.  But, in my silly mind, my thought was, that if I dried my hair straight, the skies would open, the rain would come and the baseball game would get called off.  So, I made the oh so major decision to let my hair go as is.  Anyone who has seen my hair on a day like this would agree. I just wasn't born with free flowing locks that air dry nicely.  Life could be worse.

I left the house looking pretty blah, as I do on most Mondays, since it is my day off.  I went to Target, one of my most favorite places to go, especially alone.  I did my shopping and went to load my car. The skies looked iffy, but still no rain.  I made a couple more stops, still no rain.  When I went to pick up carpool after school, a few drops were coming down, but nothing that would stop a game. My youngest wanted to go with me to see the game. We grabbed chairs and jackets and headed over to the school.  We arrived in time to see the two rival schools take the field.  I was feeling a little self conscious over the state of my hair with the beautiful highlights. (Thanks, Helene!) They definitely deserve to be shown off in a much better way than I was sporting yesterday.  By game time, I looked like I stuck my finger in a socket.

My youngest saw the concession stand was open and he was happy to support them.  Our home team was looking good.  The game was going well.  The skies did start to darken up. The wind started to move in.  My boy went 3 for 3. (Had to get the mom brag in.) Once the hubs arrived to watch the game, I needed to leave due to a wrenched back, but, as dark as the skies were, that threatening rain never did arrive while the game went on.  The team beat their rival!!

So, as much of a "sacrifice" as it was to go around all day with my hair looking a wreck, I got to see my boy play. I knew if I let my hair go we'd be all good.  This was one very happy mom. Seeing my baby do what he loves and seeing him smile when he saw me arrive.....priceless.

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