Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Sunday Sermon

I want to start off by saying that today, on the 10 year anniversary of the 9.11 attacks, my heart is heavy and with all of those who suffered such a tragic loss that day. I wish everyone peace and comfort, hoping they can remember the good times with their loved ones.

Friends of ours welcomed their first child in the wee hours of the morning, a son. We are so very excited for them. And it just goes to show what so many of us who have suffered loss learn: Life goes on.

Last night, Steve and I went to the movies. We decided to go see "The Debt", with Helen Mirren.  We got in line to get our popcorn. When the man in front of us was done, he turned to walk away. All of a sudden, a woman ran up and began to order. It was as though Steve and I simply didn't exist.  I was ready to let her have it when Steve actually spoke up, much to my shock.  Steve is one of the most non-confrontational people I have ever met.  He never confronts anyone on anything ever!!!! He just turns the other cheek or brushes it off....he doesn't believe anything is worth getting upset over.  This woman goes ahead and proceeds to order her lemon ice when Steve interrupts her and lets her know we were there first and you don't just cut in front of a line.  She apologizes but goes on to tell us that the man that was in front of us was her husband.  Now. I have no idea if that was true. If it were, why didn't she walk over while he was still ordering? Why didn't she yell from wherever she was to say, "Hey, I'd like a lemon ice."  She offers to let us go ahead but Steve tells her to just finish up her order.  I stood there, fairly frozen because I had never witnessed this in almost 5 years of being together.  I mean NEVER. I was totally in shock that I didn't even acknowledge that Steve did this because I was so in awe of what I had witnessed.

When we got into the theatre, I swear it was as if the nursing home shuttled the patients for an outing. I never have seen so many seniors with walkers, canes and nurses in my life at a movie.  I think it's great they all got gussied up on Saturday night and went out. I was the youngest person in the theatre by 14 years...that is because Steve was with me.  But, next to me, he was the youngest person there by probably another 14 years-easily.  These people were so worried about saving seats, it was a show in itself to watch them doing it. They laid napkins on chairs. They laid walkers out, they hung jackets, they paced back and forth in front of seats and they yelled at people if they even glanced their way.  These people were hiking the stairs to get seats for this movie. And then, after all of this, they got shot down by the two a$$holes sitting in front of Steve and me.  We had to sit on the side of the theatre where there were 4 seats in a row. Steve and I took our usual aisle and seat next to it--which left room for another couple to join us...and another couple did. The shmos in front of us took seats 2 and 3, leaving one seat empty on either side of them. Now, I go to the movies often enough to know that these people were not saving seats for anyone. They were merely being shmucks and hogging a row.  They turned away countless people, walkers and all, by lying, claiming their "friends" were coming.  I know I have written about this before, but seriously, this drives me NUTS. (as do many other things, if you read any of my other blog entries)  These are the people that really don't have friends because they are so selfish and rude and inconsiderate!

Ok. Enough of my bitching. I have been sitting here for way too long avoiding what it is I need to be doing today--which is finishing picking out photos for Andrew's Bar Mitzvah montage. This is a very difficult task and I had no idea how time consuming and hard this would be. But, it won't get done if I don't do it.

So, on this day......give an extra hug to those you love and hold dear to your heart. Take a moment to think about all of those who can't....and remember how lucky and blessed you are.

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