Monday, September 26, 2011

Grateful: Le sono enormemente grato!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning everyone. It's Monday. Woke up to rain which is never cool. Boys are at school and I am doing a bunch of different things at once...and now I am writing this, which means I am avoiding doing things that need to get done. But. I felt that I needed to take this break to thank some people for the past weekend.

Steve and I visited my sister, Tessi, this past weekend in Nashville. Some of you know she received a promotion and moved there 2 months ago to open the new Nordstrom there. The store is absolutely INCREDIBLE. For those of you in Chicago who think that the Michigan Ave. store or Oakbrook is something to look at, you haven't seen anything yet. This store is set up totally different and is quite chic!

Anywho......we stayed at the Opryland Hotel. Let me just say, I consider myself a fairly seasoned traveler. (not compared to many who travel for work, but as a non-work traveler, I think it's safe to say, I've been around a time or two.) This hotel is the most incredible I have ever stayed at. I am an admitted hotel snob. I need things to be at a certain level and I have no problem owning up to it. I truly loved this hotel and look forward to going back. (Hopefully, over winter break to take the boys to visit Tessi and to take part in the hotel's DreamWorks Country Christmas celebration!!! The boys don't know yet..SHHHHH!)  It was such a pleasure to get to spend the weekend with Tessi. She showed us Nashville, where she lived and we just got to hang out, and it was so nice.

None of this would have been possible without the help of my mom and Tessi's boyfriend, Mac. See, Tessi has always been my vacation babysitter---going back to 2003, when she was a mere 14 or 15 years old. This was the first time my mom stayed with all 4 boys without any help. Not that there were any doubts as to how she would handle it, seeing as she has vacationed with the 4 of them on her own (and with my dad, so make that 5) but the kids have a lot of activities and the schedule can be a bit rough. The only thing she refused to do was watch Bailey. My mom is in no way, shape or form an animal person. Bailey has been to her house (in the backyard), and Jordan's (my youngest brother) dog, Oliver, has even been in her house and has a toy there for when he visits. But, she put her foot down at dog-sitting.(I totally understand.....she's a handful and the boys aren't always the most reliable at taking care of her) So, I figured we'd send her to the kennel for the weekend, but, Mac came to the rescue. Mac still lives here in Chicago and he and Tessi are doing the long distance thing. He graciously took Bailey to stay with him for the weekend. Bailey had a wonderful time with him!! Then, when my mom had a bridal shower to attend on Sunday, Mac came back with Bailey and watched her and the boys until we got home.

I have mentioned before that I am beyond lucky to have such a wonderful family and great friends. This past weekend is just another example of that. Steve and I got to get a few days away, with the bonus of seeing Tessi, the boys got to hang out with my mom and Mac, and Bailey got to stay in luxury, instead of the kennel.  Steve and I are both so grateful and appreciative of what my mom and Mac did for us this past weekend. It means so very much and we thank you both!!!!!!

So, while I should be tending to other things on this dreary day, I felt it was important to remind everyone to appreciate the people in your lives. Whether small favors or big ones, when people step up to help you, remember how lucky you are. I know too many people who aren't as blessed as we are. Money cannot buy happiness. (I hear it just makes things easier, LOL). But, having the love and support of family and friends can light up your life.

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  1. Kerry, that was beautiful!! I enjoyed watching the boys so much. They always show me such respect. Yes, it's a handful taking care of four boys between the ages of 7-12. It is definitely harder that raising our four children. I tip my hat to you. Any time I can help again, let me know. I'm so glad that you and Steve were able to have the BBQ and stay at the Opryland hotel, truly the most amazing hotel I have ever been in.