Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Apples, Bananas and Tomatoes, oh my!

It's now Fall (technically on the 21st, as Simon likes to remind me) and that means all sorts of varieties of apples are now filling the stores. Personally, I am HUGE fan of the Honeycrisp--it's just as it sounds: sweet and yet oh so crispy! Zion has found a new favorite--the Gala--but only the ones I have found recently, which are much smaller and fit his hands (and appetite) much better than the other apples I had been buying. Steve is more of a green apple kind of guy--granny smith--too tart for my taste. Andrew is out of the apple market for now as he's got his braces and Issac....he'll eat pretty much any kind of apple. I spent a lot of time yesterday (and Sunday) wandering around our new produce store looking over all of the apples. (Again, too much time--that and my Dad calling me while I was there and felt the need to tell me that a friend of his called him to tell him a mutual friend of theirs called him and then had to go as his girlfriend was ready to have sex, so he had to go. WHAT?!?!) While I walked around, nauseous and curious, I decided this year, I want to take my family apple picking. I am sure they'll all jump at the opportunity.

While I started typing this...Regis and Kelly began a banana eating contest on their show--who could eat the most in one minute--they had 3 world record holders competing. (I have so many jokes running through my head.) I love bananas but I may not be able to eat one for a while---which is a huge bummer.

While at the produce store, I discovered some new yellow,(so the package says; really they are orange) grape tomatoes.  I bought one package. Everyone here INHALED them---absolutely loved, loved, loved them!!!!!!!!!! So, I had to go buy more as people are just opening the fridge and eating them. So, while I putzed around the store (without my Dad on the phone this time) I also discovered the fresh bread counter. And, guess what I found???? Pumpernickel bread with raisins and walnuts!!!!!! Just like the bread they give you at Wildfire, only with walnuts----absolutely delish! I highly recommend.

That's pretty much all I have today. I know it isn't super exciting, but, as you probably know by my last few blogs, nothing has been exciting lately. Oh--there's this--which was a giant disappointment. I entered a contest a while back that Norwegian Cruise Line was holding. They have 2 new ships being built that will debut in 2013 and 2014. The contest was to name a ship. If they picked your entry, you would win a trip for 2 on the maiden voyage.  Well, results were posted and my name came in the top 5, but wasn't number 1, in NCL's eyes anyway. The article then took a poll, listing the top 5 names and guess which name the readers of the article picked as their fave: MINE. Kinda killed my fruit store buzz.

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