Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Kerry Update

Long time, no writing. Kids are on summer break now. Little guys are in their 2nd week of camp---both have already caused trouble. I've been talked to by all counselors involved. Big boys are both home acting like they are college kids. They sleep late...walk around the house shirtless, play a lot of basketball during the day (and Xbox) and are playing travel baseball so that consumes our evenings.  All of the gardening I did a few weeks ago is starting to bloom and is looking pretty decent, if I say so myself.  My perennials, not so much, however.  I need to try and keep them going so they will return next year. (If I have kept my kids alive for this long, how hard can it be to keep some flowers and plants going??)  I have not been in the office at work in probably about 6 weeks now...been taking care of things from home. And, I have 13 days until I get to drive!!!!!!!!!!

So, Simon, my attention hog, was causing some major issues at camp. Well, not major in the sense that he was hurting anyone or being mean; he just wasn't the center of attention as he likes, and so, in true Simon fashion, he caused trouble in order to receive it.  There has been a threat of him not being allowed to go on any more field trips. Hopefully, since things are on the upswing, tomorrow's field trip will go well, and he'll be back in his counselors good graces.  Zion has found himself a girlfriend...a female version of himself. She loves Pokemon and they share lovely conversation and are considering trading cards.  Now, if Zion would just get into the pool and put his head under water, maybe he would impress her enough to get that trade done. The ball is in his court. (Or that kid is going to learn to swim whether he likes it or not.)

Andrew and Issac seem to think they are rock stars and that sleeping in all morning is the way to go. Really? Issac is more motivated to get outside and play basketball. Andrew looks at our wall calendar and if he sees ANYTHING on his schedule, the prince must spend the day resting in order to get ready for whatever activity he sees; whether that be a baseball game or a 30 minute Haftorah lesson. He has also informed me he "needs" a new wardrobe. He wants "Jordan shirts" and new jeans. I have no idea what prompted this, but he stands in front of the calendar and looks for days with nothing on the schedule and asks if we can "pencil in" shopping for the said wardrobe. I told him the Nordstrom Anniversary sale starts in a few weeks and maybe then we can look for the "Jordan shirts".  I have a hard time believing this boy of mine is going to actually going to wear real clothes to school and not his usual Adidas pants and sports t-shirts everyday, but, I'm open to buying a few new things.

Speaking of Jordan, my youngest brother, he got engaged last week!!!!!!!! We are all super excited and are looking forward to the upcoming wedding.  We all love Jenna and the boys are excited for a new Aunt.  This is a good thing. See, Jenna's parents have invited us over for a BBQ in a couple of weeks. And, while my boys always behave better with other people and at other people's homes, this will be something I can hold over their heads while at the BBQ.

My sister, Tessi, got a promotion and is now moving to Nashville to open up a new Nordstrom there. Awesome opportunity and way impressive that she is moving up the ladder there so quickly. She leaves soon though, which is a bummer. My mom is going to take at least a couple of the boys in August to go visit her, and Steve and I and our best friends are heading down for a long weekend in September! (anyone want to watch the boys for that weekend????)

We are heading to Cooperstown, NY in early August for Andrew's baseball tournament. This should be quite the roadtrip. It is supposed to be a great time and then after that, we head to NYC to go see my brother, Lance, and sister in law, Roya for a weekend!  Issac is desperate to go see a Yankees game, but they charge a small fortune to buy tickets and since we'd have to sell a kid in order for us to all go, we have nixed that plan.

And now, a PSA. (no one asked for one, but this is my blog, and I can write what I want) People should be aware that Karma does, in fact, exist. When you live a dishonest life, cheat people, lie and scheme, you will get what you deserve. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually, you are going to get what is coming to you.  When you choose to not play fairly, you will win a few battles. Remember this: you WILL NOT win the war. When you weave a web of lies, eventually, you will get so caught up in them, there will be no way out.  Your true colors will come shining thru. People will see you for who you really are. It's essential to tell the truth at all times. This will reduce life's pain. Lying distorts reality. All forms of distorted thinking must be corrected.  And, indeed they will be.

Oh, how I am looking forward to July 13th. :o)

I hope everyone has a safe, fun filled, 4th of July weekend! xoxo


  1. Tessi, PSA = Public Service Announcement. What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.
    Now I know why Jenna wanted you to write a blog!!! Just kidding. When I'm done with school maybe I will come pick up Andrew and Issac and they could come over to my pool. xoxoxo