Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A BOOM 4th of July

I hope everyone had a safe, fun filled holiday weekend. For the most part, we did. Saw a couple of movies, kids played in several baseball games, I worked a wedding, we saw (and played) with fireworks, and Simon broke a window. Typical weekend around here.

We really had no plans for the 4th of July. Jordan texted Saturday that he was holding his annual party at my parents house to eat and watch the fireworks. I originally had said we'd attend. Then, I started thinking that it would be all of Jordan and Jenna's friends AND all my BOOM co-workers (who I have missed so much!!!) and maybe bringing the kids wouldn't be the best idea. Jordan & Jenna both convinced me yesterday that we should just come anyway. And, Karolina was bringing her red velvet cupcakes---how could I pass those up?!?!

We arrived at the house (my parents were not home...they went to a different party) and all was calm. We sat around eating and just hanging out and it was very pleasant. I was so happy to see all of my friends from BOOM! I haven't seen them in weeks and it was so nice to be with everyone!! Someone found leftover fireworks and sparklers from last year's party in the garage and so everyone began to play. And, being that I am so NOT the mom of the year, I let all the boys play with them as well. They only held sparklers. And, they stood at a distance while all the grown ups lit the fireworks, but no one lost any limbs and fun was had by all.

The kids started to play catch in the backyard on the lawn and I warned them that it was a bad idea. But, as it always is, no one listened to me. Catch was going along just fine until we heard a giant BOOM. We thought it was a firework but, alas, it was not. It was my old bedroom window...shattered. Simon had thrown the ball at Andrew and it went over his head and oops....there went the window. I froze as I had never broken a window as a child. (I was a good kid.) None of us broke windows on the house as kids. (Then, Jordan reminded me that he and Lance had broken the kitchen window once. The garage window they broke 3 times. But, placing a basketball net right above the window may never have been the best idea. Now, that there are no kids living in that house, my parents had glass blocks installed.) Then, I started yelling at Simon. He just looked at me, calmly, (in true Simon fashion) and said that Andrew should have caught it.  True, but perhaps you SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN PLAYING IN THE YARD!!!!!!!!!!!  After some yelling, Simon finally began to cry. Steve, of course, comforted him by telling him it was an accident and no big deal. REALLY???????

I decided that I better text my father and let him know what happened. He was always the calmer one in these types of situations. He just asked how it happened and if it only shattered the storm window or did it go thru the house. So, I ran in to find that, no, it did not go thru the inside glass (PHEW!) it was just the storm window and screen.  I tell my dad that I will have the window replaced. He then texts back and asks if the glass fell and broke my mom's new plant. Clearly, he told her what had happened because I highly doubt he even knew that a plant existed under that window. I told him no glass fell; everything was trapped in the screen. Then, he asked if I yelled at Simon in front of everyone. Um, YES. I asked how pissed my mother was. He said she was upset that I yelled at Simon in front of everyone and embarrassed him. WTF???????????? She was NEVER worried about me being embarrassed in front of people when she would scream bloody murder at me! Normally, I would now go off on a tangent about Halloween 1989 (or was it 1988??), but I have sworn I would not repeat this story again. Just know that my mother never worried about my embarrassment.

The rest of the evening went along just fine. We saw various suburbs fireworks. But by 9:55pm, Morton Grove's STILL had not started and my kids had had it. So we left and saw a few fireworks as we drove home.  Sigh. Just another typical holiday. I start driving in 8 days......one of the first things on my list....sitting at my parents house while I have the window replaced.

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