Monday, June 6, 2011

Manic Monday

Woke up this morning to a bunch of clouds. Wanted to go walking but it looked like rain. So, I started laundry, the first of what will be at least 6 loads today. Kept hemming and hawing over taking the walk...still looked like rain. So while the laundry was going, I watched way old episodes of TLC's A Baby Story....pathetic.  Then, an episode of Pregnant for 46 Years came on....who the hell comes up with these show ideas??? And more importantly, people really watch this stuff??

Got a call from the school nurse....she started off saying "Hi Mrs. Butman"-fine. Then she realized that Simon was the one in her office so she stopped and said "Oh, hi Mrs. Klein"--um, Butman,'s still me. Simon's earring has caused an infection...he was bloody and full of puss. Awesome. She suggested I pick him up, even though she's already cleaned the ear and he's all good to go. Seriously? When little girls come in because of the same thing, do you suggest they go home????? I talked to him. Told him his 6 weeks are up with the starter earring and tonight we'll go buy him a new earring. He was happy happy and I told him to go back to class and I hung up the phone.  Pick him up over an earring issue? Is this really where we are at????

Then I got a work call about some equipment. Handled that situation.  Switched loads of laundry. I cannot get over how bad uniforms can smell....even little boys nasty. And there are 7 to wash today...2 each for Andrew, Issac and Zion...1 for gross.  Still looking out the window, contemplating that walk....still cloudy...don't really feel like getting to the far side of the Wood Oaks hill and have it start pouring on me.  I'm a flower...cannot be rained on. HAHAHAHAHA.

Decided to DVR Extreme Couponing....but the DVR only has 6% room left on it. So I cleared that out. OOH. Found some episodes of Sister Wives I haven't watched yet. SCORE! (LOVE this show!!!) I don't think I have watched this much TV TV that is....not counting kids shows when I was a stay at home mom. By the does Kody afford 4 wives and 16 kids with another on the way????? He drives a Lexus and has a motorcycle.  Only one wife, Janelle, has a job. I don't understand this!

My poor Andrew actually had to walk to school today--imagine that?! I hope he survived and didn't collapse along the way. AND--he has to walk home AND walk to Haftorah lessons. I hope he will manage to survive. Better make sure I make him a huge dinner as I'm sure he will be starving! Oh yea--dinner---hmmm....what am I going to make for everyone? Issac has a playoff game so we'll all be eating in shifts again. No jalepenos will be on the menu...not after my sweet Steve cut some this morning and then went to use the bathroom and didn't wash the jalepeno-niss off his hands first. Brilliance.

Looks like the sun may be peaking out now....perhaps I should go take that walk. Unless the humidity and heat has crept up. Then I'll be sitting here working on that laundry and waiting for Khloe & Lamar reruns this afternoon.


  1. When are the EBT games this week ... I figured since it was random thought day that I'd add one :-)

  2. don't know yet.......still waiting.........