Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pet Peeve

I have many pet peeves but, this past weekend, one of mine was in full light and it drove me crazy!!!!!!
Steve and I see a movie almost every weekend. (usually with our best friends, Tammy & Mike, but they were picking up their daughter from overnight camp) This pick was "Larry Crowne" with Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks. (a cute movie and I love both actors!) We always arrive at movies early so that we can get the seats we want, get snacks and get settled. I am also a fan of "The Twenty" which is 20 minutes worth of fun info and upcoming films. (This is before the actual movie previews, when the lights are dim.)

In our usual fashion, we arrived. Steve went get snacks and I went to get our seats. We always need an aisle. Steve sits in that aisle seat. I sit next to him. We like to be mid-way up in the stadium seating.  As I got to our theatre, there was a line already--a big line! The movie showing before ours began to let out. It looked like the nursing home let out their patients for an afternoon. They cleared out. (slowly) Then we all proceeded in. Steve had already met me in the line. We weren't able to sit in our usual section. We were a little further down than we normally like, but it was very crowded. The theatre filled in very quickly.  The lights dim, and suddenly another swarm of people pile in. Um...did you not check the movie times before you left the house??????? Do you think those of us who are already seated really enjoy you climbing over us? Do you think we enjoy you asking us if the seats next to us are taken while we are trying to watch previews?  Better yet, if there is one seat empty, do you think it's polite to ask those of us already situated to move down so you and your friend/spouse/date can sit in our aisle??? Do you think that when you stand at the bottom of the stairs and look up and see that all the seats are taken that by walking up the stairs 2 will magically open up or fall out of the sky? And, yelling down the stairs to where your friend/spouse/date is waiting is super annoying to the rest of us. More annoying---when that person yells back up the stairs. If you two want to talk, go outside! Here's an idea: planning to get to the theatre a little bit earlier. Then, you will get what you want.

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