Monday, July 11, 2011

Enjoy the Silence?

No, not today. Not right now. It's just my new puppy, Bailey, and me at home right now. We've been home together, with no one else, for over 2 hours now. And, I'm losing my mind. She's been super. Ate her dinner, pooped outside on our little walk, we played and then she fell asleep in my lap. She finally flipped over to the floor and now, here I am. All by myself. And, truthfully, I hate it.

I've been "trapped" inside this house for the last several weeks, almost daily. Could've been worse; it could've been the whole 6 months. So, for that I am grateful. But, this last week is driving me insane. The clock seems to stand still....days have felt like weeks and it feels as if Wednesday is never going to get here. All I do is laundry and straighten up and sit on my laptop. (Oh, and wash dishes and load and unload the dishwasher several times a day.)

Both Andrew and Issac have games tonight that I am missing. Andrew is up in Highland Park; Issac is in Evanston. I got Andrew a ride to and from, so Steve took the little guys to watch Issac play. It was too hot and humid to take Bailey with to watch. She can't be in the heat for too long. And, she was still a little jumpy from this mornings storm so I didn't want to leave her alone. Steve just texted that he's going to take the boys to Poochies for dinner after the game. Guess I'll wait for Andrew to get home and we can decide to either eat whatever is here or order a pizza.

Nothing good is on TV. I already caught up on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  All my other shows to watch are on the upstairs DVR and since Bailey isn't fully trained yet, I don't want her upstairs on the carpeting.  Nothing in the house looks good to eat. I just want out of here. The next 36 hours may kill me.

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