Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Not so much a blog entry or a story today...just some random thoughts and rants.

I am not a fan of female doctors for my own healthcare needs. The ones I have encountered tend to be rather cold with rough edges and don't seem to show much compassion or understanding. I'll stick with the men. It seems when I tell them about my period or my hormones or emotional issues, they tend to pretend to listen to my complaints, rather than telling me to suck it up. I enjoy that.

PMS is a REAL PROBLEM. PMDD is a worse problem. It's offensive when men tell women they are flying off the handle because of PMS. That's not why we do it. We do it because you don't listen or do what we ask, when we ask you to do it. The PMS just enhances our frustration with you. The problem is YOU...not our hormones. And, when you suggest that PMS might be the problem, you should run.

Men hate being asked "Do I look fat in this?" or "Do these jeans make me look fat?". Understandable. However, you should understand that we are going to ask, regardless. Do not hesitate when you answer. Just say "NO". Will we believe you? No. But just answer with a quick no. Never, ever hesitate. Also, never use the word "fine" to describe our hair, clothes, makeup or how we look in general.

I believe couples who hold hands often, do so because they are trying to put on a facade. I get it if you are on vacation, away from your kids and you might have a moment. Totally understandable. When you first are dating, go for it. Married couples don't do it. And those that do are hiding something.

I think young single guys who drive sports cars are trying to make up for personality flaws.  I think older men who drive sports cars have small penis' and are trying to compensate.  Either way.....I don't see how a sports car is impressive. Oh. And guys who drive small SUV's----weird. They're meant for women. Men who drive the small ones look silly. Not a fan.

Speaking of cars, Lexus owners tend to not be the best drivers, based on my personal experience.  I'm talking Lexus CARS, not SUV's.  I don't know why. I know it's a generalization. But lately, every time someone is messing up traffic or holding up a parking lot, it's a Lexus driver.

I believe pregnant women should not tell people what they plan to name their baby. You will almost always find someone who hates the name. Why should it matter to them? It's YOUR baby. They are not entitled to an opinion. And, once the baby is named, it's over. And anyone who tells you they don't like the name?--they're an asshole.

Any guy who states he doesn't want to get married means he doesn't want to marry YOU. Go read the book "He's Just Not That Into You" or go see the movie. It is totally true. If a guy wants you, he'll let you know. Period.

Single mothers, raising their children, should receive gifts on Fathers Day as well as Mothers Day; Single fathers, raising their children, should receive gifts on Mothers Day as well as Fathers Day.

Women should receive "push presents". I know 30-40 years ago, it was not common. Today, it is. Keep in mind your wife pushed a watermelon out of her hoo-ha. Or, was sliced and diced so that baby could be born. Show her some appreciation.

People think teachers have it easy; they don't. Show some gratitude. Nurses in the hospital do a big majority of the work. Show some gratitude.

When your wife cooks a meal, thank her. When your husband takes out the garbage, thank him. Or if he cooks and you take out the garbage, thank each other. A simple thank you goes such a long way.

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