Monday, October 17, 2011

Nursemaid Kerry

So, as you know from yesterday's blog, my dad may or may not have a concussion. I was on the phone with my mother last night who reminded me that there is nothing that can be done for a concussion. She asked me if I remembered that Lance, my brother, has had several concussions. Do I remember????? I was the one that went running to the ER when he had his first one!!!!!!!!! My parents could not be contacted and I, at the age of 17, had to go running!

I had been sitting in the M hallway at Niles North one day, in between classes. I accidentally tripped the football coach, whose name escapes me right now, but he was kind of a scary guy with a super loud voice. I did not know he was also the boys basketball coach. That afternoon, the phone rang. I answered it and I immediately knew his voice. He asked for my parents. I told him they were at work. I was freaking that he called to report that I had tripped him earlier in the day. I was wrong. He called to inform me that Lance had gotten smashed in the head with volleyball poles, had been knocked to the ground and was on his way to the hospital. Oh. Cool. I'll be right over.

My grandparents were at the house to keep an eye on us. I told them I was going. They, of course, came running behind me in their car. I checked in at the front desk of the ER with the guy who was working his first day as receptionist. I explained who I was. He wouldn't let me back to see Lance until I answered 8 million questions. Here come Bub and Papa.  The dude at the desk asked if we had a doctor on staff at the hospital. The answer was no. Bub interjected and said yes. She and I got into a yelling match....she felt that a family friend (who was nothing but a pill pusher and not our doctor) was close enough. After the guy behind the counter calmed down from his panic attack after watching us scream, he finally entered into the computer that we did not have a doctor on staff. I begged them to go home and let me handle it. While we stood fighting (and still hadn't seen Lance), in come my parents, holding their giant brick cell phone, which didn't get reception where they had been working that day. I then went home.  A few days later, while Lance laid on the couch, I smacked him in the head for saying something stupid, forgetting he had a concussion, momentarily. He survived.  But DO I REMEMBER??????

Here's a SAMPLING of events that I have received the phone call for and have had to go running to hospitals: (But do I remember?)

Jordan having an ERCP procedure done and needing a ride home because he drove himself and couldn't get released to drive. I went to get him.

My dad, having seen the doctor at the hospital post kidney stones and needing a ride home. I went to get him.

Lance calling that he thinks his appendix is no good. Sees the dr. Forgets his ID at the dr. I go running with the ID to Lincoln Park Hospital to bring it back to him.

Jordan calling from DePaul, stating he again, had no feeling in his legs. I ran down to Northwestern Memorial. Oh this was after Steve thought he was having gallbladder problems and I had been up the entire night before with him.

Jordan calling from Old Orchard saying he was buying pants but his legs went numb...I met him at Rush North Shore.

Tessi calling from Indiana University to say she's vomiting non stop and in pain. I tell her she's having a gallbladder attack. Who heads to Indiana to pack her up before finals?  Who drives straight back to get her admitted to Rush North Shore? Who stays the night until they will admit her? Who stayed the night with her after the gallbladder removal, after she threw everyone else out?

Oh...and on that hospital stay, Jordan calls me to say again, he's in horrific pain. I tell him to head to the ER at Rush, since we're there anyway, and that I can meet him downstairs, but again, this is all a giant secret, can't tell anyone.

Tessi calling from Spain...very ill...says she's going to the ER...don't tell anyone. I was on the phone all night with her.

Tessi calling AGAIN from Spain very sick. Again she heads to the ER.

Steve calling after he took someone to the ER and was feeling ill as he can't cope with people in the hospital, so I ran to Glenbrook.

Lance calling from New York to say he really thinks it's his appendix and he went to the hospital. (Thank goodness for Roya!) But who convinced my mom to get on a plane to go be with them??

Jordan calling from an old girlfriends house that he literally collapsed on the floor and what should he do. 911 was called. I went running to Northwest Community.
They refused to help him. I insisted on a transfer to Rush North Shore. Off he went.

Who took Jordan in for 5 weeks after his spinal fusion to take care of him????? I would make PBJ sandwiches on Wonder Bread (learned my lesson after using real bread). I'd make mac and cheese and leave it in a thermos before I went to work so he could have a hot lunch. Who bought a brand new TV so he could have one in his room so he'd be comfortable?

But do I remember?

Is she fucking serious?

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