Tuesday, May 6, 2014

When Is Mothers Day?

It's Tuesday morning of Mothers Day Week. Yes, I said Mothers Day Week. Why should us moms only get one day of recognition? After going thru pregnancy, child birth, child rearing, long days and nights, we deserve more than one day.  And, so do our mothers.  And their mothers, if they are still with us.  I think our children need to realize, from a young age, how to appreciate the women in their lives, or at least, know what day Mothers Day falls on.

I was driving my son and one of the girls we carpool with this morning.  I am no longer one of those wide awake, dressed and in make up at 7am moms. I used to be, but no longer.  I drive carpool in my pj's, sans bra, with a jacket or hoodie or sweater over my top.  It's a super sexy look, especially when I am wearing my cupcake pj's like I am today.  We had the radio on and Mothers Day was being discussed.  So, I brought the topic up to both kids.  Interesting idea I had.

It seems as though I have always known that Mothers Day falls on the second Sunday in May, Fathers Day the third Sunday in June. Is that so difficult to know, so difficult to remember? I really think it should be embedded in their heads.  One day, one day to honor the woman, or women in their lives.  One day to make us feel special, to make us feel honored for all that we have done.  One day to make us feel extra loved and cherished.  Perhaps, kids today are so busy they just don't have any more room in their brains to remember any more information. I don't know.

I decided to ask the girl what she was doing for Mothers Day.  Her response, "When is it?"  She said it with sincerity and was completely serious.  I looked over at my son, he just had this weird look on his face. He had no idea either.  I told them that it was this coming Sunday.  Inside, I was frustrated. Why don't these kids know? Why don't they seem to care? It's not about receiving gifts, although, I am not one to turn down gifts.  Do they understand the love a mother has for her children? Do they understand how her heart aches when her child is hurt or in pain or sad? Do they understand how a mother would lay down in front of a bus for her child? How a mother would pick up the bus if she had to? Of course they don't.  They aren't a parent yet.

The girl asked my son what we were doing for Mothers Day. He still looked confuzzled.  She then asked if it was a surprise? He said "yes".  Yea, right.  It's a surprise to him too because he has absolutely no freaking idea.  I love my oldest son with all of my heart and soul.  Being the oldest, he and I have a very special relationship, a special bond. I have a special bond with each and every one of my children, but as most moms know, the first child is different.  I adore him.  But, seriously, the child is clueless sometimes.  He has no plan for Sunday. None. Zero.  Zip.  I don't know if he would know Mothers Day is this Sunday if I hadn't brought it up.

I'm not sure why I am ranting this morning.  I'm not upset.  It really was comical, if you were there.  To see the look on these teenagers faces as they blushed because they were clueless was priceless.  They'll come up with something, I have no doubts.  They are smart enough to know that it is an important day and that they should make us moms feel good.  Just wish they paid a bit more attention ahead of time.

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